Drukpa Dhatsi

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anybody behind the screens becomes curious to know the other end. Whenever I get little time to fiddle the keyboards I always tend to know who the other person is. Better she does not have a gamey profile photo. As much as I want to know her name and her status of matrimony I have to behave secured, confident and cool; the three factors which can even overtake the famous criteria of tall, dark, handsome and rich. For some reasons I have not dared to come out of the screen and make any real date with any real woman. It is a pact signed by five of us and it is called as Drukpa Dhatsi influenced from American Pie.

In Drukpa Dhatsi there are five of us. Four of them like to chat but have no talent on getting the girls. They are blunt and girls are not attracted to what they write. When I get so many calls and texts they are jealous and make me help them find the dates. Having felt pity on them I have registered in different nicks, chat with the women, share them the information and they go to Dochula, Buddha Point, Sangaygang and even to Paro. The one I want to meet and keep my date is in Trashigang and I remain alone working for them.

The pact says they report to me what they have done. I am excited to hear their stories.

Dochula friend has lost his date when she found out the truth. I forgot to tell him she was in period. The way back to Thimphu was silent with only the engine sound and frequent honks on the curves.

At Buddha Point the girl is happy to find an intelligent guy. She takes his hands and starts to plan her life with him. To her he is a P3A level officer who in reality is a job seeker. He is scared of losing her and he becomes Program Officer programming his next step. He waits for the darkness to seep in. When the darkness starts to envelope they are shoved away by the traffic police. He now plans to take her to Sangaygang in a month. And I forgot to tell him she leaves to her native place in a week.

Sangaygang friend does not allow himself to regret. He says the view of Thimphu valley was good. I forgot to tell him she is from his village. He does not need to tell her how his business income is when she told everything about him and even warned to report to his parents back home. He begs for forgiveness and she allows riding with him till Sangaygang to breathe some fresh air.

I am angry with a Paro friend. I was so much engrossed in the chat I did not realize I was matching a date with my cousin sister. I cannot listen to a story of how my friend slept with her in my car. Who is Drukpa Dhatsi now?

But wait, I am getting some information on the Trashigang girl. The relation between Paro friend and the girl is coming closer. When I find out they are cousins, my car will break down and park in Olarongchu automobile workshop. I will ask his car, take leave from the office and make him angry at me. I have to see who is the next Drukpa Dhatsi then!


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