Lunatic Lunch

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have been going to different restaurants for lunch with my friends. It always feels good to see young ladies lunching near us. Any girl is pretty and attractive to me and I frequently steal glances to look at them. When I meet their eyes accidentally I get goose bumps all over my body. I enjoy looking at them tearing the flesh from the bones. Their faces change when they apply force to tear apart or crush the castanets in between the jaws. Some stop munching upon seeing me and some swallow it prematurely. Luckily I have not come across anyone choking in the throat. But if I see her placing one hand on her chest, back straightened and another hand snaffling a water glass, I assume she is in trouble.

I have never intruded to see how much girls can eat. I have rarely seen waitress going towards them with extra share. And they are not on diet because they take steak or bones. I have been thinking on why many of them take nominal quantity of food and I will never get answers because I am not the nutritionist. But being a Bhutanese man I have noticed how they fasten their keras tight. If they loosen the belts then perhaps I may see the waitress roaming around their tables. But it comes with a warning not to relax more since there is every chance the restaurant becoming a dressing room. I will stop taking my lunch and make sure to implant the everlasting envision in my mind. It may also happen that I will anticipate the same incidents and land up taking all my meals in the same restaurant to which my monthly wage will not meet my end. If I encounter the similar incidents twice then I will apply for loan just for the meals.

A table near us was talking about Silhouette. I eavesdropped on their conversation to hear about my sobriquet name. When I heard something about me, I shifted my chair and listened to them. It was soothing to hear some nice words about me. I felt good and thought I would introduce to them after my lunch.

I ordered beef and in the middle of my lunch my hand sprung from the mouth while tugging the meat. I saw the meat piece thrown on the floor and glasses tumbled on the table. It was quite a scene that invited viewers from the girls next to us.

Some of my friends appeased the crowd and I resumed my lunch. I dropped the idea of introducing to girls and they left the table not knowing the ill-mannered joker was no other than me.


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