Chatting faithful husband

Saturday, March 19, 2011

There were two kinds of mood going back to office after a long holiday break. The laziness was pervasive until I was given series of time bound tasks to complete. I switched on to momentous gear and picked up the speed to finish the tasks on time. It was 3.30 P.M. I needed a break. I fearlessly opened up Facebook to see her online. A colleague saw my monitor and looked at me in amazement.Seeing his monitor without chat sites always amazed me. He finds me a dumb husband deprived of the charm of virtual flirts.
“Hi,” I clicked breathing a sigh of relief. A relief basically from taking a break.
“What?” came the reply.
I am not good in chatting with people but I tried lest he saw how dumb I could become again.
“Beauty,” I typed.
“Who?” she typed instantly.
“You never say I am beautiful,” she wrote.
“Always beautiful to me,” I tried.
“Since when?” she tried and I smiled.
The colleague peeked onto her profile picture. I was lucky he could only see a teddy bear carrying a bouquet of flowers. He was not sure who the other end was by the nick Rose. But I knew any man could have thought a woman by a name Rose could not be without charms to stimulate his heartbeats.
He joined another colleague of his character and whispered in his ears. The second man turned towards me grinning his face.
“Since 2005,” I continued.
“Thank you,” she wrote.
I did not know how to proceed further. But I did not want to lose her. It was rare we met on chat.
“15 minutes to go,” I reminded her the time was 3.45 pm.
“Yes but I want to go home early,” she typed.
“Why? Missing your Namgyal?” I asked boldly. Namgyal is the cutest 1 year old son. I could not ask if she missed her husband.
“I miss him but I think  he likes you too,” she said.
“Really? I thought he likes me too,” I reinforced.
I was smiling. The two colleagues looked at me intriguingly. They could not have resisted imagining how dumb-ass like me must be wooing a woman when they jumped on to my desk.  A man can never be faithful to his wife was what they must be thinking. I did not know if they were happy to see me join their league.
“Time up now,” she sounded restless.
The two were blinking at the monitor. I did not show a sign of nervousness and typed zealously.
“Can I pick you up?” I typed looking at them. “Now?”
“Will you? But there is still few minutes to go. Can you come now?” That was interesting; to both of them.
“Be at the further end of parking lot near the medical shop you stayed last time,” it came out confidently. Two of them looked at each other away from the monitor.
“See you then Beauty. Let’s make a night :) ”
The second sentence was for my colleagues.
Without acknowledging their presence, I closed all the tabs, switched off the computer and started to collect my bag.
They did not move from my desk and spoke nothing. When any underestimated person does something beyond what they have presumed, there is always a feeling of foolishness creeping in.
I stood up from my desk, whispered an excited ‘bye’ and left them to pick up my wife.


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