10 years passed

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 2
10:25 AM
My mother breathed her last.

A decade passed so fast.

Dear mother,

Please know that we always remember you. Whenever your children are together, we talk of you and pray for you. We reminisce your parenting method and sometimes laugh at how your youngest son used to get beatings from you. Yes he was the naughtiest and we awe at how you had tactically dealt with him to become a man. Now know that my dear mother, he too had become big. Your Kuchu the big head boy have become big. He has become a father to daughter recently. How nice it would have been if you were here now to hold his daughter?  You know what - he has become an engineer too in Agriculture ministry. He is so proud of you mother. We are all! That is about your fifth son.

Well, your fourth son? You may be shocked to know about him. May be not. He has remained the same - just as helpful and sweet as always. And he has still remained unmarried. He still occupies the same house after I shifted from there. I visit him regularly because I can feel your presence very strong in that house.

Third one is in Samtse now after he got transferred from Tsirang. I believe he has become a specialist in special education teaching the students in needs. He regards you very high and I came across a strong bond two of you shared when he talks about you. He would have pampered you if you are alive from the way he cares of his mother in law. There is still a sadness visible in his eyes whenever we talk of you.

It is rather difficult to meet all together but whenever we do, we talk of you and think of you and then we realise we are all missing you so much. Big Ata is still in Paro. He misses you as much as anyone. Now he is the father of three. All his kids are growing up smart and brilliant. And Tshering Lhamo, your only little daughter is with me. She has become really helpful for the upbringing of my kids. At times she stays with other brothers and cousins. Her helpfulness has really touched many lives.

My daughter, whenever she asks me about you, I tell her you were one iron lady and that if you were around, she would not dare to keep the toys and books dishevelled and misbehave anything in front of her. She says she would have loved to meet you. But I tell her she has the blessings of you. She was just three months short of seeing you when you left us. "Grandmother saw you in the womb," I tell her. And she feels okay with it. Honestly and deep within, I too share her sentiment. She should have come across you even if it was just for a moment.

To much to share mother. It is rather difficult to do so. I have discussed with your other son that we will be visiting lhakhangs together and offer butter lamps for you. As always, I beg your forgiveness for not able to do anything good in return. My prayers have not changed. I will continue praying and begging that you come as my mother if you ever decide to choose me as your child once again. That way I will get chance to pay back for the upbringings and sacrifices you have made for me. Otherwise I always pray and imagine you in the realms of Buddhahood and in his abode, seated calmly without anything to worry about, but seeking only peace for this world and beyond.

May my prayers come true for my late mother.

Your son



Anonymous said...

Touching piece. It really made me cry. Shows how much we all love our mothers. Thanks for the reminder.

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