Love of Summer

Friday, June 24, 2011

This summer I am in love. It is also unusually hot. I sit on the couch more than ever before. And I sit with little clothes on my body. I would have loved to take off the essential clothes but I can’t put them back at the lightening speed at the sound of door bell. So on little clothes of area at the freedom of anyone’s imagination, I sit on the couch embracing onto my newly found love. The sensation is nice; great, in fact. The summer’s love has become contagious everywhere I go. I visit my friends; sit on their couches and talk of happy things reminded by the summer love.  Contagious!

Last summer was different. It was hot but I was not in love. Forget being in love, I lived in hatred and there wasn’t any pleasure sitting on the couch. Of course, I did not wear long sleeves or ankle length jeans.

Then the winter came; harsh, insensate, cold and very cold. It made me heartless and stone-cold even after sinking inside the oversized coats. I remember freezing on the same couch with every parts of my body organs shaking on their own. And it was same even at my friends’ places. Contagiousness but I despised it.

Now the summer has come; it is hot and my flat swarmed with houseflies. I had every choice of being the same; grumble at the soaring heat or hate at the sight of uninvited guests. Initially there was sign of displeasure after I sat on the couch from the long hours of work in the field. I am glad I did not chicken-shit and all thanks to remembering how treacherous the last winter was. I was a dead chicken then. When my bones knuckled down to freezing cold I waited for the summer heat. Examining the latch of main door for second time, I shrugged off everything from my body and sunk on the couch. Few moments later, when I heard neighbours passing through corridor, I reluctantly put on my essential clothes and dozed off giving huge joy to my uninvited guests to perch on my skin, everywhere. The sensation was nice; great, in fact. And now I follow it every day.

I went to my friends’ place few days back. His wife wanted to bring me a frozen juice complaining of the heat. He supplemented her but as well complained on the swarming houseflies in defence of how they can’t keep the house neat and tidy. I threw myself on their huge leather couch and finished the tea on my thickest clothes. My friend in a boxer-short was taking the frozen juice shoving off the flies from his nose. He had definitely missed how nice this summer is. I went home happy but was little dissatisfied that the “love” could not be kept at his house. This summer, I love heat and I love houseflies too.
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