"Construction" isn't a difficult word

Sunday, November 27, 2011

When I saw the tender notification on BBS, I could not help noticing a spelling mistake. It is not that I don’t often see it but I have always chosen to stay silent without ever criticizing the authors because I too make mistakes, more than anybody else.
This particular error interested me because I have used this word right from the college days and more frequently in the work. In all these years, I have never by mistake typed wrongly. And haven’t come across such error committed by the novice petty contractor corresponded to any of his employers so far. 
The word was supposed to be ‘Construction’ which got distorted to ‘Cinstruction’. Man, I laughed at it. Am I sorry? Why should I. Had it been ‘aluminium’ for ‘aluminum’, I would not put up in this blog. If someone reasoned out the error due to the proximity of letter ‘I’ to ‘O’, then so is letter ‘U’ to ‘I’. If spelling mistakes make people puke, consider I puked that time.

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