Rowdy Rathore

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yes, I am Rowdy Rathore. Don’t mind huh!

I have not yet become rowdy but I will be. How? Soon I will be confronting with my boss, a fat-head ugly looking fellow. It will be the end of my career and the beginning of his self-realization as a boss or as a person. His every grey hair that pops up from the scalp will ask him a question of its credibility of ageing for so many years in his life.

I will sit in front of him, in his big luxurious office, face to face, man to man, black hair versus grey hair. Before he asks me anything, I will open my mouth, in a dhoom chaka chaka style. If need be, with one of my legs over the other, a truly unBhutanese but in a Rathore way, I shall tell him that I am leaving his company because I see leech in him, yes, a leech, that not only sucks the blood of others but sucks his own.

I am by far an average looking person (I understand even if you agree to it, wink) but all thanks to her, she agreed to become my partner. And she is a very beautiful person, in terms of looks and only looks. Again, don’t mind huh.

The old man forgets his age when he sees her. He thinks his position in the office can blind me and go for a fling with a girlfriend of his employee. B****rd! Even his p**ic hair must have become grey at his age and yet he thinks he will get to lay so easily, just like that. If he had ever got to lay his hands on a woman, it must have been only outside Bhutan through a payment mode. At least the Bhutanese women can distinguish who is ugly and not.

I shall thank him for making me realize the possibility of having a terrible boss in this world. In the same note, he will hear from me that he is never a good boss to any person under him. “I am not instigating sir,  but the word around is, for so long, you are just an a*** who thinks you are an indispensable person when you actually are not. You are on the top because you are elder to me. You scold me and you get so angry. How foolish of you. Those people who easily break down to getting angry and shouting at the subordinates are the weakest people in the world. Chicken, I call it. Who can’t get angry? Anybody can do that but it is those who control it and make peace with inner-self are the true exemplary people. You have taught me to go mad whenever things go wrong. I am not the boss but I know it is not the right way. I condemn your ways of dealing with people. You are a nerd carrying extra baggage of ego that may spill over even to your family members. They don’t deserve it, bloody fat-head.”

He will be angry for sure. But before he gets to open up his doma stained mouth, I will open up my Gho and slam the paper on his table. “Resignation letter, kindly consider it,” I will say and walk away from him.

Dhoom chaka chaka dhoom, Rowdy Rathore, don’t mind huh.

N.B.: I am "a" joking. I am lucky I have got a good boss but I know most people are not as blessed as me. Don't mind huh! Tata...

A Simple Love Story

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am Sh sh sh....Sha Rukh, not my real name but her favorite actor. It was the sobriquet name she had given to me.

She was 14 and I was 17. On our new uniforms we crossed each other, met our eyes, looked back, fell in love and heaven be praised it was the love at first sight. We understood it because we smiled, to each other.

Nature had it that I could confess only towards the end of academic session. On a full paged paper I wrote, "I love you". I had waited a day long to get a similar note, "I love you too". It was on 12th October. That day I discovered other dates were just envy of it.

I felt insecure and feared of losing her. I wrote a long letter to forget me, handed over to her friend and left to another boarding school. However, I could not forget her and she lived within me in the form of heart beats until I got three-paged letter from her. I missed my beats, felt a terrible loss and several days later realized I deserved that.

Two years through and 2000 kilometer away from home, I heard she was preparing to become a mid-wife. I imagined she must be enjoying in her new institute but could not dare to think if she was going out with anyone. A yearn to go back and embrace her was becoming a distant dream. I lived with my thoughts and imagination thereafter.

When we met online 14 years later we did not know where to start from. We felt nervous, sad and with exuberance of mixed feelings learnt that she had become a mother of two lovely kids. She learnt that I was also married and recently joined the world of fatherhood. I had told her everything of how I kept her in my heart and cherished those memories. I had to tell her before another 14 years or so just slip off.

After many exchange of mails and telephone calls, we saw ourselves riding again from where we had left a decade and half ago. We were travelling a beautiful journey to a destination not truly known. We also went back to those years accusing each other on why each had taken this or that step, eventually making our hearts burn with remorse and guilt.  We cried a lot and we were falling in love once again. We realized that it was a tug of war between the reality and us. We had become the responsibility to our spouses and kids. We did not want to hurt them. True love must not hurt anyone, we knew this. We wanted to enrich love and spill happiness to our spouses and kids. We became the reasons to live not only for ourselves but for the two families.

And then, we had to make a tough decision. After long silence, the longest of any silence, apart from mails and rare telephone calls, we decided not to face each other, ever again. 

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