She almost guessed the password right

Friday, September 2, 2011

A friend of mine blatantly accused me of being irresponsible. According to her, I am ruthless not to leave
comments on this blog. She said I have to be courteous to thank the commentators or explain on any
dubious remarks for better understanding and to maintain cordial relationships with the bloggers.
Well, she is my good friend and also the wife of my best friend. I never remember a conversation where
it ended without making cynical remarks to each other. I have always loved her wit and intelligence.
At the time of this accusation, her husband was a meek listener only showing signs of irritation from
getting disturbed in between his beer.
“What is your reason for it?” she repeated.
“I don’t have one,” I said.
“Don’t give that shit. You think you are a great blogger to overlook readers.”
“I did not say that,” I answered.
“You should learn from other people and see how they interact with the readers. Readers are writers as
well.” She went on.
“I am neither any,” I said submissively.
“I know that,” she laughed. “You are such a crap.”
“I am your friend,” I tried to link her as another crap too.
She looked at her husband who was least interested to look back at her. As if he understood she would
comment on cutting out his drink, he found his way to join with her. He said, “You can comment on
behalf of him.”
His question took her by surprise. I only heard her murmuring ‘as if I can’.
“You can,” I said.
“No way,” said she.
“Fine,” I cut it out.
“Give her the password man,” her husband dropped in.
“I can’t,” I said.
“Why? You scared now?” she barged in.
“Scared? No ways.” I said.
“Just I can’t.”
“Common,” she pushed very hard for several times.
The password came to my mind and immediately laughed on the thought. She looked irritated.
“What’s so funny?” she questioned.
“Not you,” I laughed. Her husband joined me though I did not know why he had to laugh. May be he did
just to make her feel clumsy.
“What’s funny then?” she nagged.
“The password,” I said. “It is funny.”
“What is it?”
“You may not want to hear it.” I laughed out loud.
“Break the balls,” she shouted.
“Almost near,” I said.
“Balls is your password?” she shrugged.
I wanted to change the topic of conversation but clever friend caught me by the hook. She showed
interests in knowing my password.
“Is it ‘scrotum’ or ‘an anus’?” she carelessly went on guessing. I saw her husband concentrating on his
beer. I remained silent.
“Or is it ‘penis’?” Her husband lost interest in his beer. He looked at her.
“Very near,” I said firmly controlling the hysteric hormone inside me.
I could no more control my muscles. I let out a huge whooshing breath and laughed out really loud.
“Ah, I got it now, it is Long. Pathetic password.” She said. Indeed she was right but only half.
“God! This man is insane,” she remarked feeling disgusted.
“Told you it was not what you would want to hear it,” I said.
“Ha ha ha, Long, nice password, short and sweet,” her husband said excited. “But why it is not Sharang man? Long Sharang?.......ha ha ha”
“Indeed it is that one man,” I said.
“Arrgghh, sick and pathetic,” she exclaimed.
“Do you want to log in now?” I asked.
“No ways, excuse me,” she croaked.
“Thanks,” I giggled.
I was not sure whether she would open this blog now that she knew the password. Somehow I felt it was not right to moderate by her. The password was naughty and that had the advantage of remaining in her head for longer time. I wanted to change it and thought of another one. And to make her lost with the clues I thought of harder ones. Hard and strong passwords were hard to come by and I chose the simpler one. If she attempts randomly she might get it right but I wonder if she would dare to think of this – L**gKatang.


Nawang P Phuntsho said...

Lol, a very naughty post like the man behind the screen. Hehehe..enjoyed the humor though. Keep posting!

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