Monday, December 12, 2011

“Driver Sahib, how are you? Life has become so slow, I wish I can be your handy boy, hehe” she wrote.
“Come come, I will be glad to have you in every turning of road,” I typed
“Wolo, this is impossible. Can you really do it?” she replied.
“I will try reaching Trashigang but doubtful after that” I
“Haha, then who will drive towards Samdrup Jongkhar? Anyway what are you doing now? It is pretty cold today” she.
“I am sipping beer” I.
“Thu thu” she.
I have learned to understand her style of chatting in Dzongkha. She always types in speaking tone. Example: “sonn sonn” for “go go”, “mee yon” for “not coming”

And “thu thu” is equivalent to “thung thung” for “drink drink”

“Wai, 'thu' is a profane word in my mother tongue” I.
“OMG, I did not mean that” she.
“It is okay, thu can be a nice changpa with beer” I.
“Haha, can you taste it?” she.
“It is inside the bottle, trying to fish it out. Wait, I am almost reaching it” I.
“Deah, you and your chann paa” she.
“One question” I.
“What?” she
“Did you taste it before?” I.
“Yuck, forget it nem” she.
“Another question” I.
“Aww, what now?” she.
“How is your changpa? The one I am having is over cooked and very dark” I.
“Hey, change the topic. eirihsknf aifjasfljfsasfkaj, decode this” she.
“OK, sorry sorry, 59209490829059472093459, but first decode this” I.
“Deah, you are difficult, wait, I also got the beer, cheers man” she.
“Cheers” I.
“Wow, very refreshing” she.
“Ok, same here, thung thung. Ahem can I ask one last question? I.
“What?” she
“How does it taste? Your changpa?”

She did not reply after that.

(An imaginative piece rejected at other sites.)


Dawa Knight said...

man, you always come up with hilarious articles. please keep posting. i enjoy the changpa..

Unknown said...

Enjoyed...onu lhakni jaa sharang ngama bu sangjongma wai. Nice dosage.

letro said...

nice one,

Porky Pie said...

Thanks gentlemen for reading this bullshit.

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