An animal

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A silhouette of her figure captured my line of sight even before nearing her. She had an average figure but with heels, she was capable of making any male to have a second glance. She wore a darkish brown small checkered mathra that stayed fit to her skin. Her bottom was firm and tight, the very sight made a shift in my groin. Her straight shoulder length hair was another complimentary. I had a second look and saw a face that could sink my heart. I saw a twitch in her eyes and even heard a moan she could make. My groin shifted further out and it stayed longer even after her figure diminished from the overhead mirror and disappeared behind another car.

She had changed her dress on the second day. The long hair was same, her bottom firm and tight.

On the third day, the hair had changed the shape but her skin revealed more than any other days. She had worn a silky dress and that made her bottom round and firm. My fingers wanted to see if it was tight. My groin responded fast.

I brought her with me to my home in the form of thoughts. In the bathroom, the thoughts changed to wild fantasies and my whole body became stiff. I thanked god I had my strong hands. For several times, I nailed her against the wall. She did not mind the cold tiles brushing her naked body and I did not feel the pain of her weight penetrated through my thighs. On her second moan, the floor tiles was wet. It was all jelly-like. The taps had run out of water. I tiptoed out of the room.

On the fifth day, I slowed the car, all thanks to the rain that started to pour. She looked at me, damn, those eyes, how many times they had closed from the wall. And her lips, she kissed me all over that could not last me another second. Even after the successive fourth time, she had the capability to take out every drop of me, the quantity remaining all the same.

I opened the door and she hitched the ride. I asked her expressively where she stayed. I waited for an amorous voice that could send shivers all through my vein. That one word could last me nail her permanently in my bathroom wall forever. I waited her to speak, my iron hot ears all lent to her.

My little concentration from the road diverted to look at her. She had not bothered to look at me. A quizical look, she took time and nodded her head. The same head I had held her pushing to cover my mouth. I saw her hands slowly raising higher up to her ears. Her fingers flagged. I went, huh. Her hands took to her mouth and fingers flagged. And I another, huh.

All the aphrodisiacs I made from her suddenly went off. My amorous lady was just deaf and dumb who needed a companionship of a human being. An animal just could show his small gesture by dropping her to a clinic which she visited every day, everyday.


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