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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am swallowing changkey. It is been the only alcoholic drink I consume lately. I can't consume stronger alcohol. My legs are suffering from 'neuropathy'. They deprive me of celebrating my second child. But I take it as a blessing. Soon I am going away from my family and I know I would drink almost every evenings. Now I won't.

The countdown has begun. I have exactly 8 working days to be in civil service. I will be no more a civil servant. It is a long journey in a single life. In last decade, I have changed 3 organizations. I have always believed in office hopping. My belief towards experiencing everything I can within short span of life is going strong. Every job becomes just another job with time. I have experienced my motivation level falling down after 3 years in one organization. It tends to affect my work. To maintain the tempo of performing above marginal level, I need to have zest in my blood. I get that when I change new organization. I have to keep my energy meter raised to the top. And this time, it is an overhaul. I resign from civil service. I am joining one project for 3 years. Perfect duration. I may not be civil servant. But I will be one of the public servants. Looking forward to it. My energy meter is at the top.

Changkey is mild a drink (if I can call it). I think everyone should take it once. It is not readily available though. I thank my wife for delivering us a son. For you, my son. It is my second mug.

I have many things to do in the new place. I wish I get time. First one, I have to complete a set of drawings for my uncle. They are pending for a month.

Second, I have characters waiting in an attempt of a movie script. I know, my friend Ngawang is losing his patience. Whether it finds screen or not, I will make it to the blue print. It is pending since last Thimphu Tsechu.

Third, damn, I am so guilty. My manuscript needs to complete soon. I have enjoyed writing this book. For the first time, I have laughed over what I write. It will be a priority to reach the shelf earliest this year end. Some forms of shapes are already happening in my mind for the third one. I get jittery feelings to attempt an investigative genre. But for now, I have to suppress it.

So much to do, so little time. Ah! third mug? No, thanks. I expect another group of baby showers tomorrow. I will finish off their changkey when they are gone, just like today.


PaSsu said...

Congratulation for successfully creating another child- son. You never told us that your wife was loaded.
May the baby grow up to be like you with intelligence, smartness, wit and wisdom.
Don't finish up all the changkey, we are yet to come and sip out share.
All the best for your new journey!

Porky Pie said...

Thanks Passu. U read it, I am happy. U commented on it, I am super happy.

Kuenza said...

I am leaving a comment just to let you know that I read it too :)

Porky Pie said...

Anjoi, so sweet. Thank u. When top bloggers like u guys read and make comments, there r reasons to feel happy. It encourages people to write ni.

Monu T. said...

Congratulations sir for you are delivered a son sound and safely.

Take care. And yeah I enjoyed the post thoroughly.

Porky Pie said...

Thank u Monu. And my legs r improving slowly. Will get back to u if something worse turns out. Thanks again.

Yeesi7 said...

This name, "Porky pie" reminds me of one of the writer in Nopkin.com.
Anyways, you are fun and witty. Good Luck with all your pending work :)

Nawang P Phuntsho said...

As always - I am on your blog too. But congratulations once again on that multiplication! Trashi Delelek!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, sir, and yeah, all the best for the pending manuscript. Looking forward to your second book. :) The idea you have for your third also sounds very interesting.

Porky Pie said...

Thank u Yeesi7.
Thank u Ngawang.
Thank u Langa.

Dawa Knight said...

Sir, Waiting for you to join Project and contribute to the nation's economy and waiting for your new book.. Please inbox me when it will hit the shelves.

Unknown said...

Perhaps I am the last one to go through this blog sir. But that's because I was away, away from civilisation and the modern media thing. Anyway congratulations and all the best for your upcoming book.

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