To son, to daughter

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The eyes that don't see a thing
The lips that don't speak a word
The ears that hear only rumbling words
The skin that changes its color every day,
I am coming home my son
To test if you see my circling finger
To lock your mouth
To sing you a lullaby
To change your nappy
Holding your tiny toes.
Daddy is coming home soon, son.
You have become a big sister
But to me you shall always remain my little girl.
Two nights, the terrible nights
I have choked to tell you the tales.
Mamma told me you cried
Before you went to bed.
I am coming home, my girl
To tell you the stories you like
On fairy tales, of you
All through the night.


Nawang P Phuntsho said...

Really nice. And touching!

PaSsuDiary said...

Where is "to Wife"? ha ha ha
Man, do some right planning, don't leave behind your family. Take them along and live every day of your life.

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