To my wifey

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear my better half,
          I heard that herding one cow is as tough as herding 10 cows. But when it comes to raising children, I think it is opposite. More kids mean more trouble at home. I can feel the chaos going through.
           When we had our first child-daughter, there were two pairs of hands to take care of her. I could take care of her when you attended to other chores. Although it was heavenly to have our other halves, there were some painful moments revolved around us.
         The careers and family; we made five years successfully, to say so. Then we planned for our second child and discussed the change of my job. You gave birth to our beautiful other halves. He brought us happiness which is still going strong. The career plan got materialized and I could only share the close moments with our son for only 3 weeks. It saddened me even after I knew I had to face this soon.
         I have told you about the new place here. I have also shared how soon I adjusted to the new work place and learned to harmoniously co-exist with the new colleagues. You are happy for me.
          If physical comfort has to bring happiness to people, I would love to see the names of the billionaires hitting the top places every day. There is no trend as such and although I am not a billionaire, I will tell you why physical comfort is not a criterion to make person happy.
          My life has slowed down. Unlike in the past, I start my day from 8.45 in the morning. I reach office at 9 most often although I see the liberal to report any time. There is no traffic on the way. I don’t remember a time I had to grumble unlike I used to on Thimphu roads. I eat from the common mess which sells any kind of dish at half the price. I stay in the office until I have my dinner from the same mess and go home around 9 in the night. The house is quiet and cold. With no one inside I can walk around in my birthday suit.
         If you think I live like a king, you are wrong. I often think of you with kids. We have two lovely kids now. But it pains me to think there is only 1 pair of hands to hold them. Women may be great to be able to do many things at a time but without other helping hands, it will be challenging. I feel guilty. This freedom is painful.
        I miss all of you every night. I have to console myself. I think that I have not gone away from you to battlefield where homecoming depends on the enemy’s bullet. I console myself that I am not in the country mopping the grossly whiskers from master’s bed. I console that I am in our motherland just few mountains away.
      You know, one morning, as I sat to have my breakfast, a colleague told me that he found me “so decent”. He explained that he did not find me roaming in the odd places with odd women. I knew what he meant. I would not do that. There will not be purge from my mind even if I soak in the holiest water for eternity. It is good that girls don’t make the move first. I have the upper hand not to make that move. By the way, I have come up with this thought that all women should marry dumb husbands. Ah! In another thought, all smart men become dumb husbands after marriage, right? Just kidding.
      I am looking forward to meet you all. This time, I will have three of you to make me churn my stomach. I will blush and fall in love all over again.....again and again.
     Good night
Your better half,
  Porkie Pie


Overcome Life said...

Hey, thumbs up Ugyen!! :) I hope your wife read this and she must be floating on cloud 9 hehe... Hope both you can treasure this family til the end. Just a bit sad that you can't see your children growing up by your side. They are at the most 'cute' time to play with and it is the happiest when they are able to do thing for the first time. Nevertheless this was your decision to change your job so just make the best of situation that exist. Visit then often ba! Jia you!!!

Porky Pie said...

Thank u la.

Yeesi7 said...

Oh. That's such a sweet note. I too hope your wife reads it sooner.
Indeed, life can be dull and boring without your family and especially when they are far, the situation becomes worst. It looks like you are a family guy and I wish every husband to be like you, the one you described above...


Riku said...

Dear Sir, it's such a pleasant treat to read your blog here. I am really enjoying! This is what I want to read and know. It's so refreshing, fed my mind with affection and family values. Above all, outstandingly lovely. Keep blogging, Sir.

Nawang P Phuntsho said...

Very emotional piece AB. I loved it as much as it brought tears to my eyes. Keep it up. At the end it is those values that separate a human being from the rest. Kudos!

Sangay said...

I know how it feels to be away from one's family... felt like I was reading my own thoughts...

AB said...

Thank u guys.

Unknown said...

hey Exen sahab,

niece pie, porky pie! keep blogging.... but don't forget your IPS-I&II....


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