Bangkok Biscuit

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A new retail shop had come up near my house. Whenever I passed this shop I never missed looking at her. The spellbound of the girl had delighted my heart. She was strikingly beautiful with those lovely eyes, desiring smile and a tiny dimple in her cheek. To look at her was a feast to my eyes that would not even crave me famished from food. I could not resist such a beauteous sight and decided to enter her shop one fine day.

And one fine day, I manifested a stylish swank wearing clean jeans and pullover shirt with decent manner worn in the face and entered her shop. When she greeted me with her single dimpled cheek I almost fell to my knees wishing an intimate relationship with her. She was more beautiful than I thought. She could be more beautiful if I stepped closer to her and more beautiful if I looked deep down into her eyes, with her head rested on my pillow and I over her. "Ga chi zhey ni la" her sweet voice brought me back to her shop from my bed. I was choking from lack of words. I cleared my voice ostentatiously not forgetting the facial expressions of decency and flirt. I pretended to look around the shelves with perceived attention not missing her face in between the scan.

She was what I wanted and I pointed towards her. She saw me foolishly pointing at her which I had become at that instant but I said "Colgate" which was right behind her head. She gave me an empathizing smile and handed over me the toothpaste. I randomly pointed at few items as if I had memorized the prepared shopping list. She started picking up the items and it was the time I came to my normal self gathering ample courage to talk to her. I asked where she was from; where she had last studied and some of the farthest details of her so that she did not think I had not come for shopping. When she told me where she was from I told her I reached her place once upon a time, a lie. When she told me where she had last studied I told her my cousins studied in her school too, another lie. But "Do you have a boyfriend?" was a question I only wanted to ask repeatedly. And it was a question which I should not ask without asking those, short cuts are dangerous and they cut you short, I had to remind myself and asked her another rounds of questions on weather in winter, weather in summer, and some pompous talks.

When she answered openly and asked few things about me I thought the time for my delegated question had come. But the suspense was sweet and it was sweeter talking to her. To let her feel my presence as the serious shopper, I again pointed at some items as if I was recollecting slowly. And without doubting a hint she picked up the items and when she was done she would again talk to me with her fingers playing with the calculator or pen.

We could develop some intimacy to each other. I felt she enjoyed my presence. She laughed at my little naughty jokes. I thought I had to offer her some and let her enjoy more. I picked some cookies, chips packet and suddenly pointed towards the pad used by women. Naively I asked what biscuit it was. I told her I had not tasted that biscuit and if it was something from other country. "Bangkok biscuit eena?" I asked. I was looking at her and she showed some uneasiness to explain but I liked that expression; shy and smiling face, wanted to explain but could not. "Packet chi nang mei", I continued seriously and stole a glance at her. She was laughing straight at me. The packet was labeled as Kotax. I was explained what it was which I really enjoyed her candidness, and genuinely laughed with her.

I cleared the bill, thanked her, took my packages and when I was near to the door, I pointed to another packet labeled Whisper Ultra Thin and said, "Ani biscuit dhi za go no si si dhu sa". I left her laughing inside her shop.


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