Copy Man

Friday, March 25, 2011

So what I am a copy man. I wear a copy Ray Ban sun glass. It is Roy Ban but people won’t be able to read it even from the kissing range. Men will hate themselves coming closer to me although I would wish women instead of them. But in broad daylight it shall take an insane courage for them to come so close to me. But in such a broad daylight, it helps my eye balls not having to constrict to the surrounding light even protecting me from dusts.

My apple iphone rings. I put it in my ear letting its one-bite-less apple logo peep between my fingers to see the world, actually to let the world see it. I talk with the real man on the other end. The conversation is fruitful, thanks to my copy iphone. To those people nearby me, they have no clue it is a clone iphone with dual sim inside it. As I slid it back to its place the turn comes to my wrist, the G-Shock watch. Of course a copy G-Shock watch.

I am a mild person by nature, drink less and speak less; the characteristic features which don’t let me into brawl or exchange the blows. In winter while I chop firewood I carefully place my G-Shock away from me. I love sports but while in games I don’t need to wear it. There are referees monitoring the match. But it makes me a faithful referee and it resists some vibrations from running after the men. I have bought it to direct me time and not to protect itself from shocks. However, its clumsy configuration and bold G-Shock shall shock the onlookers taking it as real. I feel macho with it. Ask me the time and with its help I will tell you the whole time zones in the world. I really love my copy watch.

I wear a Tee shirt partially showing off my muscle convulsions inside it. It is from Addidog written in the label hidden behind my neck. I don’t mind conveying I wear a copy shirt to the world. There are still some people who are funny and like to wear like me. The three logos of addidas is printed vertically in ascending order in the front very magnificently in the form of dog bones. Like real dogs confusing them as eatable bones grasps the onlookers with confusing zeal. The picture is funny and some funny people don’t get time to think if it is from original addidas. That is the best part in my copy shirt and I really don’t mind showing to the world. Some less funny people only admire my muscles inside it. That is funny to me.

Fashion is expensive. Young men now adopt to pencil leg jeans. I have it too. The difference-it is cheap and a copy from Levi’s jeans. Copy manufacturers are grateful they did not change the spelling of it. I will not wear it if they went to Leki’s jeans because that means a direct copy and all my other copy garments will be in stake. A fat wallet inside it really makes me cool. Fat does not necessarily mean it is full of notes.

Selecting snicker needs extra talent especially when I am in copy shops. If all the logos and trade labels are perfect, I spend much time going after odd colors because they are rare even in branded outlets. Unique color depicts I got the rare species from across the oceans or I have rich relative working in US or Europe. I have all my relatives in Bhutan and extra pink snicker is a real Nike to the world. They are comfortable in the beginning and it does not give me enough time to say how durable they are. I land up visiting cobbler’s shop many times.

Boxer short is a burden to my low budget but underwear is necessary. Since it is designated in the hidden place it has to be copy and nothing else, therefore, needs no explanation on it.

The sun has gone behind the clouds. The world is bright without sun glass and my body suddenly feels cold from the chilly wind. Tee shirt is useless and body abs shrunk. No one calls to my iphone but it is not important. A copy man has revealed enough and needs a warmer place. I have saved enough from these garments. It is time I get into a decent hotel and order the best meal and eat my heart out. That is all the advantage I have being a copy man. The street showing off is just one of them. So what I am a copy man?


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