A day in Botanical Garden

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today was the second day of 'attempting' on a movie script. Mr. Ngawang (Penstar) wanted us to shift the location from Kuenselphodrang Park to Botanical Garden. He believes the serenity of place is important on fueling the imaginations. I agreed right away on a sole reason - Kuenselphodrang Park is nearer to my home and far away from his. On the first day, he drove all the way from Babesa. Today I drove from Chang Gidaphu to Wangchutaba. On car's wear-tear-fuel-consumption front, we are at par. :) I am already thinking on the location of third day. It should be at an equitable distance between us. And that falls somewhere near Olakha. Hopefully, it won't be in the premises Automobile Workshop. LOL.

At 10 in the morning, there were fewer people in the park. We grabbed packaged water, snacks, a laptop and roll of chart papers. We paid 40 bucks and chose a place under a canopy overlooking approach road to RTC. It was truly a beautiful scene. But before that, a young couple came to our sights. Their heads were cocked together, so lost that they did not notice us standing right behind them. My friend hesitated and crept over to the cliff. I just coughed. The heads moved and two pairs of eyes balls bored my face. I pretended not noticing them, placed the materials on the floor and grinned. The two dead serious faces greeted me back. And that chilled me.

When I was his age, I was only a prick that was used only to pee. My lips had touched only the rims of wooden cups or worn out Chinese mugs. No girl resided in me and my heart's task was only to pump the blood. And the girl? Any hormome packed male would not have looked at her if she bathed naked by a river side. As they left, I looked at them. She wore a short jeans showing off the tight skin all through her ankles. The pair of legs only confused me with the realization that those were a medium capable of sending shivers to both of them.

As soon as the couple disappeared, Ngawang came back with a wonderstruck expression shown on his face. I left the canopy and scanned the nearby bush. He shouted at me what I was doing. I only replied I did not want to defy my childhood days.

Whatever, I did not succeed finding a freshly used condom.


PaSsu said...

What script are you guys talking about? Two of you seem to be up to something and the routine sounds very interesting, also the condom hunting series... Let us know when all is finished!

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