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Monday, September 17, 2012

I have many brothers at home, some just landed in the job, some just graduated and some still in  the college. There are only three females - my wife, my daughter and my only sister. Everybody's favorite is my four year old daughter. She would be in their room (I call it boys hostel) playing with them, distracting them from playing soccer in PS and switching off TV.

Growing up with lots of males has made her become one. She does not sit with her mom who watches Hindi soaps and she hates to sit near my sister who is always into FM radio or desktop listening to music. She does not disturb me reading or typing on the laptop unless she wants pocket money even at late hours of the night. Munching any snacks her uncles brought for her, she would be cuddling inside their blanket. She screams whenever there is the score, be it on PS or English Premier League. Drogba, Henry, Beckham or Rooney, she knows them all.

Yesterday, another brother (first cousin in the service who recently moved away from us) came to visit us. After handing his set of edible presents to my daughter, he asked her what new things she learned from her half-day day care center. She remained silent. Just then another brother from the boys hostel came to the living room and asked her a question. "Zamin, where did Drogba go?"

"Shanghai," she answered, munching a flake of potato chips in her mouth.

First cousin laughed. He said, "I don't know that."

"Zamin, where is Rooney?"

"ManU," she replied.

First cousin said, "That I know."

The other brother turned his question to him, "What is Rooney's status these days?"

"What status?" first cousin was puzzled.

My daughter rescued him though she accused him of not knowing it, "Rooney sho injured gila."

Let her grow up some more, I will take over from them and we shall cocoon in our bedroom, each holding a book and then I shall ask her, "Zamin, who is the author of The Bikini Murders?" just to raise the curiosity of the male-dominant-football house. ;)

The correct answer shall be given, perhaps, only by her. :)


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