Short, Fat and the Tall

Friday, January 4, 2013

One is short, one is fat and one is tall. The short is dark, the fat one a pixel better and the tall one fairer. The short is the ugliest, the fat one uglier, the tall one a plain ugly. The short one is from East, fat from Central and tall from West of Bhutan. The short is an engineer by profession, fat is an employee of NGO and the tall one is the educationist.

These three are not the muskeeters but a triad who met over the lunch. When the waiter came to their table, each gave their orders of their favourite dish. The life of the waiter was made simple because each one of them wanted to have the same dish.

The fat started to talk on a topic which  people on other tables mostly would not think of. He talked on books. The jaws of the tall man dropped while the short’s mouth remained wide open. How much each wanted to share their thoughts on the books? Hence, each talked about the passion of books.

The tall one then switched the topic to ‘blogs’. The jaws of short one dropped while the fat’s mouth remained wide open. How much each wanted to share their thoughts on their blogsites?

These three are differently same and they are Ugyen as Short one for, Nawang as Fat one for and Passu as Tall one for


Anonymous said...

I got you and Ngawang sir correct in my assumption. I thought it was Kinzang who was the tall one. :)

PaSsu said...

all there were crazy, I heard!

Monu T. said...

very interesting post you have written. Loved reading it.

Nawang P Phuntsho said...

Hahaha... come on you have exaggerated my size. But nice observation, which only Tuks can make. Thanks for lunch!

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