Thursday, February 7, 2013

One thing led to another. The years passed by - a baby boy turned to a golden man. Next the old man died with many others alike. And now we live in this world. Things have changed a lot.

Once upon a time, a family in the village waited for their guests to come to eat the meal together. Now most of the families wait for their guests to go away so that they can have the meal alone.

A cell phone rings. At the same time, a child cries on his shoulder. The father's instinct makes him to pick up the phone. A phone has become a priority over a child. Sigh!

Every house has a neighbour and not every neighbour knows the other. But every family knows the car parked in the front belongs to their neighbour. When has this machine become so important that human beings know them but not their owners?

A little boy is asked to memorize the address of his home. His father says, "You live in Druk Building, room no. 10, Gari Lam, above Pema's shop." The child is confused and asks his father to repeat again. The father slams the child and even calls him idiot. The rote education system still lingers on father's head. Teach the son like this, you big idiot, " We live in room 10. Room no. 10 is in Druk Building and this building is in Changzamtok. Changzamtok is in Thimphu." Perhaps, your son is not an idiot at all. Wink.

Nike, Reebok, Addidas, Levis, Gucci and what not brands. We buy them for the owners of these brands and not to ourselves. People have become preconditioned in the mindsets that these big brands make us good looking. Wearing expensive things don't make us rich, it only robs us from getting the basic necessities.

We eat as long as we live. Eat to live or live to eat, I don't care. But we definitely over-eat. All the diseases come from over eating. And the drinks, alcohol, we die from it. I pledge I will not die from the later.

(Courtesy: Friend Leki for this insightful conversation)


Nawang P Phuntsho said...

Hahaha... good one! I like the way you put it all in a few sentences - I would need 5 pages to do the same! Nice!

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