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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I took this photograph last year and named it as "Extra-ordinary league of women". The kith & kins in the villages wanted each of this photo to be kept as their 'possession'. I heard a photo studio in the East has kept it as an admiration to these generations of women.

From your right: My daughter, her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother and her great great grandmother.

Interestingly, each is the eldest of their children. Now isn't it not the extra-ordinary league of women?


PaSsu said...

It is indeed the extraordinary league of women... Very inspiring and beautiful.
You must be proud to be connected to them...

Unknown said...

Looking at this picture, I might actually know you. I didn't know you wrote a book and didn't know you blogged.

Unknown said...

By the way I always loved reading your post. :)

Porky Pie said...

Tashi, you must be from Kanglung then. And thanks for going thru my posts. Humbled here.

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