Sunday, April 11, 2010

One year passed having played the first archery match of my life. I was nervous with many young and old women watching us with Tsokchang. An archer was tagged with a cloth piece for hitting the target and I was trying hard to get few pieces to hide my shabby gho. The luck was not with me. During lunch break, I was about to relieve from nature’s call behind a parked car when I saw a young woman sitting near to it. Upon seeing me she gestured to stand up and run away from me when I told her to wait and talk to me. Quick witted, she told me if I hit the target even after knowing it. Quickly I told her I would be able to hit the target only at nights. I saw her head dropped trying to say what kind of target would be that. “A target like you”, I replied and we came to serious terms.

When the match ended at 6 there was round of drinks and dances. I saw her in the crowd eyeing me like a hawk. I pulled her in the circle and as we danced our next archery match was fixed.

I had a day without a hit on the wooden target but evening came as a surprise. I went to the designated place aiming to hit the bull’s eye. I adjusted my arrow for the significant hit. When I was sure I heard the sound behind the bush I got ready with my arrow from the quiver. Suddenly group of girls appeared behind the bush with the lights of torches shone on my face. I surrendered back putting my precious arrow in its quiver feeling stupid from becoming a victim of April Fool. And April Fool was what they chanted in group as I ran along the bushes putting my arrow back to its place.


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