Honorable Women

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have immense respect to the women howsoever my normal genes may behave within me. Women are beautiful and women are sexy; I cannot deny the later part and it only shows the features of being a macho man. The curves in the women send thrills in my spine. Feminine features are exalting for praise and they are honorable. But it is also vulnerable to consider as a mistaken identity. For a woman of honor there is no room to generate misconception and I respect the wholesome of body and mind. It only needs conviction to respect women, simple yet fickle.

Conviction is complex. It needs mental strength to keep qualifying its meaning. Fashion is an obstacle as well as elusive to my conviction. A fashionable woman is beautiful to herself and beautiful to me. All women have to maintain status quo in every respect. My elder sister in minimum fashionable clothes does not deprive my respect. Her friend does not deprive my respect either. There is a fact to the maxim all women are my sisters.

Integrity is another panoptic word which plays pivotal to our understanding of human relationships. Integrity and conviction runs parallel to each other. I remember a motivational story:

Teacher: What will you do if you find a wallet on your way and there is no one around?

Student: If there is no one around me then I will pick it up and keep it with me.

Teacher was impressed and explained to the student that he told the truth but only lacked conviction. Truth here was integrity and lack of conviction was keeping the wallet which was never meant to him.

Simple yet complex or complex yet simple, the ball is in my court.

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