Wife And Me

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am never transparent to my wife however she acts bossy to me. She has asked me several times to declare and surrender my monthly wage and this will be the last thing I will ever do to her. I give her the money whenever she wants and lately she has become reasonable to ask what she really wants. She wants money basically to recharge her mobile and to buy toiletries. She leaves me bankrupted when she announces to straighten her hairs. She has a curly hair and often she gets a name Maggie when she gets over me.

Well, on the day I met her, her hairs were straight only to dupe me many thousands later. She looked pretty with silky hair, I proposed to her and she accepted immediately. As months passed I started noticing the change in her looks and that cost me three hours wait in a beauty parlor and almost 2000 bucks. I agreed for her hairdo because it was a sorrowful sight for me to see her right after I opened my eyes in the morning. By Jove, she looked terrible but thanks to the modern technology although it comes with price, a price so high for an earner of operation level like me.

I have got a new worry now. From January, my landlord will be getting a gift from his tenants 500 more in rents. By my calculation he does not deserve the hike in rent for an old traditional house with only water tap shared by many. It is located near to his garden to sprinkle the vegetables and it takes our energy fetching water till top to attic. The height of attic has left me stooped and this is one area where I hate my height. I still have marks in my forehead from banging the lintel door when I was new to this oasis. And better control your diet and avoid diarrhea. You understand what I speak. The pit latrine is double the distance from water tap and your luck tests if it is not engaged. If you hear a forceful cough from inside then you better trust your muscle power.

Another sickening worry is it is time for my Maggie to visit the beauty parlor. I wish entertaining companies have the criteria set to gift hamper the viewer who views their shows uninterrupted episodes. I will ask my wife to receive in cash.

Today morning when I slipped my thin wallet into my gho, she asked me 500. When I asked her the reason she said to buy a facial cream. I checked the drawer and saw a brand new Ponds cream. I refused to give her the money but she gave me her reason. She told me that every one of her friends have shifted from cheap creams to something new in the market which costs 500. Its brand name is called Olay. I did not hear its name before and I cannot afford that Olay whatever.

I checked my wallet and it was just that I get my lunch. I thought fast and told her the following:

Sedey darling, my wife. You are a beautiful woman and you will look beautiful without any creams of the world. Olay must be used by your friends because you and I know they are ugly. So don't join the world of ugliness by applying the vanishing cream. I love you like this. Bye.

I dashed out of my attic and I dont know her reaction.


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