Ferrari-My Car

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From a very young age I had developed a passion for cars. It was because I used to have lots of toys being an only son in the family. This passion almost left me broke in buying motor magazines. And despite any magazines, this particular publish would seldom be found in the school library. And while in college I dreamt of possessing sport cars. My favorites were from Ferrari but the sleekness of BMW or cool Chevrolet Corvette occupied my bedroom walls. When I first saw Ferrari FXX I fell in love with it. The supercar looked exotic with the latest technological features; I could not take off my eyes and to make it believe I went near and touched its metal body. Touching the supercar was a dream-come true and I felt like a superman.

My dream car was one of the expensive cars in the world and I knew it should remain as dream only. With salary just sufficient to pay the bills I would not get into rat-race to buy the car. Reality sucked anyway.

Dreaming of Ferrari took me five years to ultimately own one. I saw it in the classified ad, an affordable price tag and decided to have it. It took few days in clearing the documents and when I was finally done I was filled with emotions. I could at last park my car in front of my house; milky-white faded body, rusted number plates at front and rear, about to fall apart doors, a 15 year-old Maruti 800 from Maruti Suzuki Company.

That evening when I saw my collection of magazines and wallpapers I felt timid and lack of conviction. However, to toss for my first car, I held my head high, packed the magazines and wallpapers and dumped into the store never to be opened again.

I named my car as Ferrari. On its 25th birthday, my Ferrari showed signs of getting old. Its body started creaking like it suffered from rickets. I had loved it so much and in return I was served well. It always took me wherever I wanted. It never failed me in any ways. I could not even remember an incident of having to change its tyre on the way. I would decorate her to the best and we would go puja-hopping celebrating on Vishwakarma days. We spent so much of our lives together that I would not think to part from it.

But of late I was really worried. We were in the middle of town when it suddenly started honking by itself. I pulled over and tried to stop it. Its high-pitched siren drew people nearer and some were even laughing at us. At another incident its bonnet flung open banging the wind shield as if it was released from the spring hinge. There was something wrong with my Ferrari; it was getting old, weak and needed rest. And I would not think of parting with it, the very thought brought me tears.

However, it had to come to rest and I constructed a permanent garage for it to rest in peace.


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