How Do I Stop Getting Bored?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We usually get bored when alone. Whenever I am bored I fidget cell phones or any entertainment gadgets like any normal person. And like any normal person I also get bored from the electronic charms. It is then I start observing my body parts from fingers to hair. I make the fist and bring it closer to my eyes by gesturing to crack my skull. If I keep observing it from the close range I can see varieties of manifestations out of it. Suddenly release the fist and observe the sizes of the fingers. I can get nearer to becoming numerology studying the features of my fingers and when I cannot become one, I tend to get annoyed. I hate being annoyed so I fix my eyes on the middle finger for its elegance height and slowly bend the remaining fingers. It emerges really tall and with the same position I raise my hand high, fly it till arm length and bring closer to my nose. It is wonderful to see middle finger about to enter my nostrils and it is the time that I am no more annoyed. In the same position I can stimulate the hormones from me and the favorite stimulation I practice is by moving the finger to and fro. It plays better by uttering in out, in out as the finger moves to and fro.

I like to think about the hair when I am extremely bored. Realizing deeply I tend to think more on the hairy bush in the crotch. I can dress up very well and stand in front of anyone at any distance. People look at me from my shoes up till my head. When they reach my head they have come across two different types of hair in me. If I gel up my hair, perhaps I am charming to them. Even if I am not, people do not care to analyze me. But the fact remains that hairy bush in my crotch does not receive any treatment from me. It is ignored irrespective of how I kept my hair in the head.

What does it help me in my body metabolism is still a project to me. It keeps human beings warm, as per the scientific research which seems to be the primary function of it. But I have never seen a sign of it trying to force its tips from the swim suit of Miss World contestants. It makes me to think the skinny models swim in the beach with hot lava nearby. Otherwise the primary function of keeping warm defies its meaning thereby eluding the viewers watching them.

Anyway, I am still mused with it and for my sake I only want to remind myself that whenever I see a nicely dressed woman I only have to imagine her hairy bush staring at me. If she stands near me talking on any matters under the sun, the two bushes of us come closer trying to ejaculate who is capable to generate heat the most.

Ah! I am not bored anymore and not annoyed too.


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