Mother's Blessings

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I was preparing for the semester exams far away from home when I continuously dreamt of my mother for several nights. She visited my dream frequently often waving her hands, kissing my forehead and whispering some muffled messages. One night she was looking breathtakingly beautiful dressed on her favorite dress, draped over by a crocheted shawl and waving at me. In the morning I felt something was wrong with my mother and quickly checked the mails. Little relieved when I saw the inbox nil but I needed to call my brothers at home. I dialed the number and waited with skipped heartbeats when he finally picked up. He meant to act strong but the distance between us was not fonder enough to let him act. I heard him sobbing and before we spoke any words both cried over the phone. I managed to ask the day and told me on May 2nd, the day every school stages were celebrating the teacher's day. A mother who guided her sons to be brave and fundamentally groomed to be good human beings had chosen teacher's day as the departure of her life.

I remembered the last I saw her before I left for studies. She had gone very weak from cancer battling for five years. I wanted to see her after my graduation but she told me that would not matter anymore. She fought the disease courageously and did not want to fight till I returned back to her. She told me she would always be with me throughout my life and promised to come to me whenever I needed her. On the departing day she told me it was not necessary for me to come in between the studies. When she told me she would consider my presence in the rites, it was not easy for me to hold the tears and I cried holding her head. She cried along with me. I hugged her, prayed for her wellbeing and left to a place far away from her. And on May 4th the day I called to my brother I recalled everything I spent last moments with my mother. She had told me as if she knew her time. Next I did not know how much I shed my tears.

I was not an inspiring kid in the village for other parents to evoke examples to their kids. I was also not the brightest student in the school for teachers to praise in the class. But I had consistently climbed up the ladder of grades which I was one acknowledged for it.

I remained god-fearing but I invoked my mother. Whenever I faced the difficulties of life I simply turned to my mother. I prayed to her before long journey and she would safely reach me there. I prayed to her before final exams and I qualified from X and XII. And I prayed to her before I sat for CSCE last year.

On the day the result came out I was neither scared nor felt nervous. My belief to my mother had increased more than a benediction of any dying man. When I saw my marks I felt another blessing from her.

I would not have won triple-crowns of Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes and the Preakness races of human life but the daily supplication and prayers to my late mother would sure be the success factor in the endeavor of my life.


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