Spring Sprung

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is a beautiful season blossoming flowers and beautifying the earth. Looking at the flowers one can embrace its beauty and relieve from stresses of life. A lover beau describes it to his girlfriend deriving its beauty more than his feelings to her. She smiles and looks around searching for the flowery trees.

She is a beautiful woman synonymous to the spring season. He is a handsome man with tanned body as energetic and inviolable as the autumn wind. Under the blossoming cherry tree Spring meets Autumn and prepare to make love. The two seasons meet each other finding love, promising love and making love.

Spring conceives from Autumn and delivers a baby boy in summer. It is named as Winter for the reality of its harshness.

In adulthood Winter becomes a philanderer eyeing for Summer girl. He wrote the fake poetry in autumn season making it as his true love. Summer, an intelligent girl smiles at the truth and she can easily disapprove his amatory move but she too likes him and starts to call him Yongba and herself as Yongbin.

Yongba and Yongbin under the blossoming cherry tree promise love by making love. Yongbin conceives and delivers to twin sons. They name the twins as Arrogant Buddha, a handsome child and another as Silhouette for showing amatory characters since day one.

Four seasons revolve in our lives with spring being the mother season of all. Lush green leaves, sprouting buds, chirping birds and beautiful lovers; it is the time we free our minds and embrace to the beauty of spring.

For any happy hearts, there will be a blossoming cherry tree ready to offer its shade.


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