What An Idea

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My wife has started looking beautiful with her new arrangement of hair. When I let her use my sunglass in the government vehicle she looks surprisingly aristocratic. When a private Prado with lady behind the wheels passes us I can imagine what she is thinking in her mind. She looks drabber and I feel sorry that her dreams will not materialize in her life. She shows an impossible interest in owning a car making me difficult with an unfortunate choice to live. I too had a dream to own a car, drive her around in the town with the sunshade over her head and commanding me to pick up the goods from the grocery shops. Some dreams have to remain as dreams and I took solaced in the emotional strength. I want her to be happy but I know she will not be happy after having a car. She will hate me to have a car and she may not even live with me anymore. The knavish idea struck me while we were watching Druk Star show.

I am not contesting for Druk Star. It is late for me but even if I had participated in it I am confident to acquire maximum number of votes. My voice is not melodious but I will have female viewers voting me for my looks and the qualities befitting a man. I can see judges getting angry at me on the irrationality of the voting system. I can bear their critical comments or even become victim to their fists and blows to get a winning car. I can feel the host dissatisfied with the result but he cannot tell viewers not to vote for me. Therefore, I can easily win a Swift car to fulfill the dream of my wife.

She will wear her displeasing smile and drive along as if she is an office goer. But she will have to return back after nine to our old attic house. Even after having a car, I know she will not give up watching her daily soaps. When her TV serials break for ad she will open our small window and check if her car is there in the ground. I can see how satisfied she will be to see the car and even come up with silly idea to drive to town. When she feels the pinch of petrol cost she has to return back to the couch and stick to my old TV set. I know how she will demand for the fashionable clothes but I promise she will not get anything new from me. I too have to maintain respect and dignity in the society; how can I sit beside a fashionable woman in my old rags?

Well, I do not know if she can dare to drive the car. With the car comes the risk and I will leave up to her for the decision. When I can come up with an idea to get a car, I think it will not be difficult for her to make a choice. The idea is little complex and it does not guarantee a sure-footed win. I am plotting to write one of the sweetest and romantic love letters of the millennium and send it to all the lady contestants of Druk Star with a pleasing warning not to disclose anyone, not even among the contestants. If anyone one of them becomes a winner I will stand firm with her and register the car in my name. It may not be easy but what is easy in this life?

I can only imagine few options with them. They can either decide to live together or one of them walks away or I land up in prison. If I am to make the choice I will not choose serving the prison term but decide to live all of us together, happily with a car parked in front of an old attic house.


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