Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nose comes in different shapes; pointed nose, flat nose, regular nose and irregular nose. Right after a child is born attendants around count the fingers and toes. If they catch their correct numbers then they look at me. Flat does not favor them. They take advantage of my delicate tissues and try reshaping me. Delicate and softness does not mean they can mould me to any shape. I feel the pain moment I try breathing the planet air.

My main function is to keep breathing. There have been drastic changes in the quality of air. I have heard my ancestors boast of breathing the cleanest air. Legend has it that clean air can keep me functioning for many years. And now clean air has become the story of the past. The pollution is nauseating and I am falling sick. If only I can redesign myself to suit the contaminated air. And if I am given the work of redesigning I want to come with thick muscular skin and resizing the holes with bushes of filter hairs.

I know they will hate me in my new look. They will curse me every time they go out. They will grumble when they look in the mirror. Some may even wish for deaths.

To them I have come as the definition of their appearances. I make the visual aspect of them. If I locate myself symmetrically with proportionate shape and size to their heads and faces they are either beautiful or hunks. I make them beautiful. I make them hunks. And there is no record I am given the credit of it. Locate unsymmetrical or come shapeless I hear them cursing. Some are berated of me because they will fail to woo him or her. My God, some even curse their parents.

When I come in bad shapes or sizes it is neither the fault of mother or father. How I choose my shape and how I choose my size is an enigma and one must not expect from me. I have no theories and hypotheses to prove my origin and I have least expectation from their side too.

I am not given due respect for my job. They become humans when I first started to inhale. I keep them alive by inhaling and exhaling.

Do not curse me. Do not curse yourself. Do not pollute the air. If I exhale the last you will no more be human.


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