Sunday, April 11, 2010

We have so many expensive cars in our country. Throughout the road network of Bhutan we see Toyota made vehicles plying to and fro. Every morning and every evening we see 3000 cc cars ferrying single officer. These vehicles are heavily built to carry few tonnes of load and most of the time they land up carrying below capacity loads. There fuel consumption rate is high and we do not produce gasoline.

Every morning when I attend the duty carrying one person from his home to office I feel the vehicle under loaded. He weighs below hundred kilos and it is an injustice to the design for the heavy cars. Why do we have these cars?

The fashion has rooted in towns. We see men and women become fashionable and they look beautiful. Nicely dressed people become ornaments to the country. Most of us are married. Most drive with spouses in the front seats. Happily married or not most steal the time to look at the pedestrian paths. In these paths walk the fashionable beautiful people. Some may look for familiar faces. And rarely one finds the familiar face. Some look out to offer the lifts but most never stop to offer the lifts. Why do most drivers look out? I am not an analyst and neither a critic but many look out to fancy. Fancying comes when someone is urged. Urged for what? I think whoever looks out knows the answer. Looking out is not illegal but continuing the travel with impression of undesirable thoughts will mean the start of infidelity in your marriage life.

I do not qualify to comment for the single drivers and I will not wish them the luck either.

We are proud of our small population. We are a country of GNH. We claim everyone knows everyone.

When I wait in long queue in hospital I want to talk to someone. I want to see familiar faces and I see none. The strangers are uncomfortably worn in serious looks. Well, I do not expect people smiling in hospitals but neither they smile in kerosene queue or grocery shops. Is this GNH?

Highly earned people have their private cars. They can afford to live in expensive duplex houses and yet they are provided with duty cars and government flats. I am not a political communist favouring classless society but seeking little equity to an average earner like me.

I am not a statistical expert and neither a researcher.

Guests will prefer black tea and hosts will offer the milky tea. Ask every host on the price of milk powder they are pinched to buy one. We live in fake world but taking the favourite black tea will not make us fake. Can humanity be fake?

Before I am being misconstrued I better wind up here.


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