My Wife Doubts About My Other Marriage

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suspicion grew into my wife's mind when I started going home late. I stopped cooking meals, talked less and never sat with her in the living room. If I encountered her already in the bed I slept in sofa. Sometimes I never went home at all. When I returned home after two days I would get an asquint looks with some faux pass remarks.

"Have you gone out with Sonam?" she yelled. Sonam Peldon was an office assistant in my office. I kept a brotherly relationship with her.

My phone beeped in between. She was lucky the phone interrupted before my temper sparked. Recently I started getting many calls at home adding fiery intuition to her doubts.

"Hello! Oh, Sonam, I will be there." I answered the phone. It was Sonam Jamtsho, my friend from different organization.

She was furious, jealous and wild. Even without looking at her I could describe every line of her face.

I went heartless to her for her never understanding attitude towards me. She did not deserve to be a wife, not mine and not for anyone. She looked dazzlingly gorgeous but this factor was not sufficient for the marriage. I had fallen in love with her looks only to discover it was just a shallow another skeletal frame. In my marriage I hoped to search for a spiritual euphoria and I was excited to find until I went to grave. Forget searching till I went to grave, the search was over the moment I started the hunt. She did not have emotions to make me her son. Sleeping in her lap I wished to act in an infantile behavior with her hands stroking my hairs. I wanted to pull her down and cover her face with my lips. I wanted to run my fingers along her neckline, bite the ears causing her pain and run to another room for an amatory game. But leave aside fulfilling my coquettes dream she had killed it from its root making me another heartless person similar to her. Barking dogs might seldom bite but my biting wife seldom barked.

I heard my friends talked on marriage. Marriage was a real suspense to those who did not marry. But I was more on tenterhooks when married friends showed keen interest on the topic. They could talk for hours and days and I wondered what interested them much. Were they talking of another marriage? Sure they did when they asked me how long I could survive living a cocoon life. Friends unanimously showed concern over me and I felt a guilt running through my spine. Howsoever bad my wife could be I never made public even to my friends. But they were talking about my life as if they knew all about us. As convincing as their words I assured them to join sooner or later.

But it was sooner. Hopping places after places and spending nights after nights, I drew my admiration towards the queen. The new found queen was so mysterious I started blabbering along with my friends. It was no doubt why they talked all about marriage. It was a real suspense even to a married man like me. And more suspense when I encountered married women too.

My wife seemed to know about the marriage but I was so bewitched by other queen that I could not spare a time arguing with her. She deserved this punishment for being bitchy holler to me. She could not fulfill being a wife and I remained not a husband and not a son. But I embarked on my new marriage until wee hours for several nights.

"Rabgyal, your turn, you will have a marriage this time" reminded Sonam Jamtsho fuming a cigarette from his lips. Sitting there for days and nights I was tired and out of attention. I had gone so addicted that I felt faithfully married to this game. And my poor wife thought I was married to another woman whom I never arrogated in that line.

"Okay" I replied and shuffled the cards for another round.


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