I Love You

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I was nervous when my friend Choden told me you are coming to Bhutan. Next time when she told me you are putting up in Thimphu I was happy and thereon I looked forward for your arrival from abroad. She told me the new building near the expressway in Babesa belongs to you. Every time I pass your building I crane my neck and continue my journey dreaming of taking you away like a knight. And it is been months preparing myself to impress you and make you my other life.

When you finally arrive in Thimphu, I could not sleep the nights. My life has changed and the time started running back to earlier days. I remember everything I saw you in the photos. I have archived all your photos and the best one I have is the one you posed all in blue. Your sleekness body has never ceased my heart to fall for you. I am in love with you and I anticipate to shower you my love very soon.

My dear, people tell me you are not meant for me. They tell me you are rich and you have chosen your fate. I have listened to them and I have understood what they say but it is my heart that never seems to listen at all. My heart says you are meant for me, born for me, came to Bhutan for me. And I know my heart never tells lies. Do not worry dear, you will be in the comfortable hands and I have saved enough to make you mine.

When I come out from you, the same people will look at us and reconsider how they were wrong. At first they will not recognize me when I come in new dress and RayBan shade. They will fall in love with you and perhaps start dreaming of owing a Honda CRV like me.

Choden will join us when we travel to east. We will meet her parents and I am going ask her hands. We will marry in her house and plan for the honeymoon. My dear, thank you for coming to my life, Choden and I will take care of you, you bet on that.


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