Sunday, April 11, 2010

Courting a woman needed some special talent which I heard men being blessed from births. My talents were very limited just enough to qualify a man. I could solicit to certain affectionate move that never guaranteed me victory. After having failed several times I got an answer what they looked out for in men. They looked for the commonness between them. I felt happy like a school kid finding solution to a hard core question in mathematics. It was a weapon that equipped me to find a girl and get paired up with her.

With the newly found wisdom I lurched to a woman I met in the net. She was an epicurean lass standing magnificently tall displaying the characters to gratify my nerves. The congenital system of man started its work and I made my move towards her. An introduction and few agile greetings were enough to let her prepare coffee for me in her flat. As I sipped my coffee I searched my thoughts preparing to speak the words that would interest her. I started with the nearest topic on her flat; behavior of the landlords and the hiking rents. I went well with the skyrocketing house rents and other difficulties of life. She must have thought I was a schmoozer, fully informed of life who could well keep a woman protected and safe. I switched my topic on marriages, divorce cases, driving habits, politics and cars. She was listening to me all through in complete mute until she interrupted asking about my hobbies. Without a second thought, I heard myself showing interest in chat and browsing the net. She remained still with her cup still in her lips watching me over it. I stared at her like a fool, feeling a fool. She told me her hobbies on gardening, reading, music and the stuffs which were all out of my avocations. Then I realized I had not used my wisdom of finding commonness. I was late; I should have let her speak first and repeat everything she said. I already felt waging a lost war. I wanted to lose a war but not her. I wanted to try, use all my impediment experiences of failure and turn them into pillars to support me.

When she finished her part I started the commonness from the love of nature. I described the moon and how it kept shining to all the existence on earth. Then the air; how I breathed the same air she breathed. The sun and its eclipse; how we could have seen it from different places completely unaware two of us watching at the same time. The technology of internet; how we spent our time in the chat, destined to meet one day. The plates and spoons in the highway hotels; how we could have been served the same plates and spoons in our different journeys.

She was staring at me hard. She took the empty coffee cups, went towards the kitchen and when she came back she showed bravery to tell me we did not have anything in common. I imagined the sound of coffee cups broken on the floor. I hated moon, air, solar eclipse, internet, her landlord, house rent, plate, spoon, and everything I said earlier to her. I lost the war. The weapon of wisdom was stripped off from me and I became a jerk.

There was no vigor left in me to go further. I agreed to her what she said. We were different people with different tastes. Nothing was common between us. I rose from the couch to say goodbye to her. She looked sad which hurt me. I was supposed to be sad losing epicurean lass. I was supposed to be sad from never getting a girlfriend in my life. I was supposed to be sad for not using my weapon and wisdom correctly. I simply could not leave her in that state. Breathing a set of new air, I told her we had something in common, that both of us were sad. I saw a weak smile and an audible laugh.

She told me to stay furthermore which delighted my heart and took a seat near to her. She brought me another cup of coffee and excused herself to washroom. We talked for some time and I excused to the same washroom she went. When I came back I told her that I found another common thing in between us, that both of us needed privacy in the toilet. She laughed heartedly and continued the talks on random topics. Feeling light that I could leave her now I thanked her and for her two cups of coffee. She escorted me till the door. Seeking a little chance I told her that we still had common things between us in an indirect way. With the door leaf half opened in between us I told her that the sanitary wastes we left in her washroom would flow in the same sewage pipe and live together in the sewerage tank of Babesa, almost forever. I pulled the door and took the staircase down.

When I reached home I saw a message popped up in my cell asking me to visit her place anytime I wished.


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