Marathon On Ides Of March

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I typed about the rain splashing on the roof to my illustrious lady in the chat. She showed the philia of warmth in the rain and talked on doctrines of life. When she talked on life I had wondered what life was really about. I was always surprised by disparity of wealth in the society; men with luxury cars and men without second pair of shoes. The sentiments of life were hard to me and I did not want to think much on them. So I concentrated on rain and told her how I would like to express my frustration that thwarted me either in personal or professional life.

She wanted to know how and I told her by running naked in Thimphu town. I wanted to strip off everything and run from lower traffic till Chubachu crossroad. The traffic remaining closed, people from the one sided street looking awestricken at me, I would put my serious expression on my face and run from the start. She was worried about the swing and told me she would follow me with camera to expose me in this blog. I liked her idea but insisted to join the run. When she showed some clumsiness to run nude with me I made it flexible by allowing minimum cloth on her. She decently rejected my offer and I ran alone along the street. I kept my eyes closed as the rain hit my face and waved occasionally to the gazing crowd. I could hear the lilting and clapping rhythm in my thighs. It was too small a thing for me and I concentrated only to reach the end. I looked back and saw how she was running among the crowd with a camera around her neck.

Upon reaching Chubachu I got into a nearby hotel, took a chair and ordered a cup of tea. With one leg crossed over another, I glued my eyes to TV set lost in my world until she intervened to pose for a photograph. I offered her to sit with me which she instantly declined and disappeared in the crowd. I wanted to sit with her over the cups of tea, talk about life and let someone photographed us.

The rain stopped and I was sitting naked in the hotel. ''lol, haha'' was all I could see in my screen.

After all, ides of March fell on a tiring Monday, a rare combination to experience at our times. I was not Julius Caesar of 21st century and there was no plot of conspiracy to kill me on this day. But I felt I made someone's day somewhere in Thimphu by running a nude marathon in the rain.


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