A Wish

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who does not wish what in life? I have wished to be an officer and summon all in my office and command them like Private Quelch. I have wished to be a student among Nopkin's friends to spend the Christmas holydays and summer in beach with them. I have wished to become a business tycoon and fly to Hawaii to see the sunset smoking the finest cigars and drinking the finest wine. I have wished to be a comedian more than Phurpa Thinlay and impeach inhumanity from our frowning countrymen.

With the reality of market value and harshness of chilly weather, I have even wished to be first dog of American President to live in luxurious White House. I have wished to be Abhishek Bachan for a night and wake up with his wife. I have wished to participate in International Driver's Conference held in any other country. I have wished my boss comes up in Paro airport to pick me up. Well, I become sad to think I will never get a chance to fly in an airplane whenever he goes out for any official tours. I wish to pee in Druk Air and try if I know how to open the toilet door.

I live with my wife who is mean and cruel and I survive the relationship out of Buddha nature of me. She is still yet to know my other half which I have suppressed so far. When my Arrogance spills over I know she can't stand the cold and she will miss her daily soaps. Few months more and her head will look like moorland in winter where every grass is dead. She no longer will hold Olay cream in her bag and perhaps not even Fair & Lovely or Ponds. It will be a sad story for her not to hear her call Maggie when she had really become one. When she thinks to cook dinner for me, avoid watching TV and wash my clothes she may perhaps see another Sedey in my life. Therefore, I wish I also have a selfless fairy similar to one Amigos has. I will wish my new Seday does not call me Chopstick for my lanky limbs. I will wait for months before I let her in to see if her hairs and looks do not change like my present wife. I will hate to be reminded of winter season in her face every morning I glance at her; enough is enough now.

I have wished I do not resemble John Travolta but become a real him.

I wish I was lucky like anyone who just finished reading this.

I wish I have not wished all I have wished.


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