That Night

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We dated for months and I never attempted to go beyond what she did not want. I waited for months to tell she was ready for me. Even after knowing from my virile instinct that she too wanted me to cross our lines I waited and resisted the manlier facts.

The place was perfect with the darkness surrounding us. We were breathing uncouthly fast each knowing what came next. The woman's virtue of power to resist the force started to show from her. An urge to impel and cross our long awaited moment furl opened on me. I wanted her more than me and she was disapproving me with all her might. It was an attempt from my clear conscience and the temptation was honest and right. She agreed me on the points but opposed strongly on the acts. And I was defiant of her words coercing in multi prong ways.

Her resistance took oath on Goddess Aurora to shame me from my enticements. The temptation rising high, seduction conquest running fast and to shun the shame from her Goddess Aurora I had to be a God taking refuge in Lam Drukpa Kuenley. She laughed an erotic laugh but rigidly hung on to her words. Her goddess was not less to her and I had to cognitively believe in my Lam, so two representatives of them wrestled tempestuously somewhere on earth.

Few moments passed; nothing happened. We were panting heavily with each breath tempting more. She reinforced her goddess when she said she was having a contagious disease. I had to laugh at her but I reinforced my strength of not giving up even if she lived with HIV/AIDS. It was her turn to laugh at me before another round of wresting between us.

That night the heaven was rumbling thunder with flashes of lightning striking the wind shield and window panes of my car. Inside the car the crusade of fights continued in fierce with the victory seemingly far from us. The thunder was booming loud and lightning sparked bright. I told her I expected rain which she said she did not. We made a deal on it and the fight came to an end.

With euphony of music on, we rested on our seats, teasing and giggling, each praying the deal to come true. I waited for the showers of rain and she waited for the dawn without a rain.

That night the heaven was kind to one of us.


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