Truth The Godliness

Sunday, April 11, 2010

After he stood first from kindergarten he heard his father telling the neighbours the good things about him. He did not like over hearing his father telling neighbours about the reputation his son had for not plucking a chilli across other's fence. He ran inside and confessed he stole chillies and cucumbers with friends. At 14 when he visited another town in winter break he found his cousins smoking cigarettes. Despite their repeated requests not to tell their parents he sincerely reported at dinner time. His unfeigned personality gained reputation in the school and he never stopped crowning in the grades. Anyways he was a person who was true to his heart and loved by all.

When he decided an ambition in his life he was diagnosed as suffering from disorder of nervous system. The constant fever, fatigue, loss of weight and dizziness priced him the top scholarship of the nation. He landed up in hospitals and few years later joined a diploma institute and passed out as a mid-level officer.

He did not worry seeing his friends holding bachelor certificates and neither did he worry from depriving the higher qualification. He considered lucky to be alive but worried about his placement far away from the hospital. He hoped to work with dedication and pay to the country for giving him the second life. In his mind, country came first even before his farming parents.

He underwent the routine medical check up which proved he had to stay near to their hospital, close to the modern medical equipments and close to only neuro-surgeons of the country. When he submitted the certificate to the employment agency the committee remained adamant on their decision to place him in the remotest place.

He obliged and respected to the decision. But there were people who told him the ongoing nepotism in the placement which he did not believe and never bothered to listen the least. Some advised him to appeal once more but he did not give a heed. Few even told him fake medical certificates had alerted the office which stopped considering any. Nothing deterred him but to follow the office order he had in his hands. Within himself he knew he would not reach the hospital if there was any relapse to his disease. Yet he risked his life and prepared to go to the place he had never heard before in his life. He booked the ticket and waited for the day to depart to a place where he could do his best and make his country proud.

Few hours before his boarding time, his cell phone beeped. It was the Director of the office who told him the change of office order. The Director was concerned about his health and apologized for the ignorance of his disease. The committee consulted the signing surgeons and knew the complexity of disease he was suffering from. To Rabgyal it could have been the happiest news of his life but only thing he said was a simple "Thank you once again" to his God.


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