My Nick Is Arrogant Buddha

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Humanity never seems to be out rightly human in the land of GNH. More so when one is a driver who can't wear brand new gho and put on white lagey and gong. It does not mean I cannot be a fastidious person with dress, I swear I can make the women swing their heads and implant them the impression of their dream man if I get my salary equivalent to those who read this now. If you have seen John Travolta or Arjun Rampal in their films then I don't claim I look like them but I can see you drawing distinguished features of both and forming a distant me.

Well, this is not an introduction to Nopkin members but a humble me, an ArrogantBuddha whom one officer forced me to become one.

Like any obedient driver I went to transport office for renewal of the registration book. Standing in line and scanning the officers behind the glass counters, craning my neck (lucky I have 5'8'' height) only to get an expression of abusive reproach was not to me. It was to my profession who carried white registration book in my hands, it was to a man who wore faded mathra gho, and it was to a worker who could not take out lagey while changing the spare tyre.

I was hesitant to become a driver until I saw a chart pointing a finger to me to become someone few years back.

And I have become hesitant now when I start to ask myself; have I become someone yet?


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