Eve Failed Me Being Adam

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I fell in love with her from the day I saw her. Magical eminence of love reverberated to an instant chemistry that I kissed her on the very first day. She stayed quiet not even shying away from me. I admired her soft fairy cheeks. I spent most of my time cajoling her skin. Being with her was living a life of Adam and Eve. Both were created naked by God and it became a way of life. I was Adam to kiss my Eve but my lesser Eve had not kissed me once. The state of putrefaction started from Eve by disobeying the God; hence an ancestry of corruption roots back to the time of Adam and Eve.

As much as I wanted to make love to her and raise the family of Cain, Abel and Seth I resisted to my tolerance waiting for her to eat the apple and kiss me once. I waited my time not wanting to keep the legacy of sinful hereditary without she kissing me back. The onus fell on me serious than taking an oath.

Beyond the world of Eden, many young women were not far to bed with me. They were tempting enough to raise the dead and I was a vernal youth endowed to stop raising the dead. The temptation was not less to a normal man but to maintain the seduction in dormant stage needed the Napoleon's strength. And I became Napoleon by chanting his axiom "There shall be no Alps". Thus, I was obscured from the beguiling lasses and concentrated only to my Eve waiting for the snake to poison her mind.

The routine of kissing her started to fade as she faithlessly threw her away. Her aloofness started to question my conviction which unfolded a big conspiracy from her.

My idea of raising family with her dropped. The wait for the serpent was over. I was blessed to adhere to my oath. Had I not waited for her to kiss me, I was conspired to face the courtroom and sentenced a felony from assaulting other man's wife.

As I walked inside the pub of damsels sipping drinks, the life of Adam remained a distant memory. I felt rejuvenated with devilish mind. I was not meant to be Adam to raise Cain, Abel and Seth and live with Eve in the Garden of Eden. I was meant to be a human being who could live with any damsel holding a pint and raise as many kids I could think of. Not to repeat any incidents of Adam's life, I would wait who could kiss me first. Even if I had to face any legal injury for any matter with her, it was then nothing but a decadence of corruption inculcated from the Garden of Eden.


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