A Moment Of Truth

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I sit face to face with Denakchung. There is no studio light and no human audience but the animal headed beasts are ready to savage me if I do not say the truth. I am tensed. Moderator Denakchung is a real terror, he sets only one rule, that I tell him the truth and there are 5 questions.

A monkey rings the bell and there goes boo from the audience. I sweat.

First Question: (A hoarse sound, his fangs need dental specialist. Anyway first question)

1. Is your name Rabgyal?

Easy question, I smile and reply: NO

Everyone goes silent. From the corner of the eyes, I see monkey scratching its fur.

TRUE. A loud sound announces.

2. Are you married?

Married? Me? I do not have a girlfriend. NO.

TRUE. I know they are angry now.

I hear the gruff of anger from Denakchung. He feels that is the tough question. Dullard, I think.

3. Did you sleep with others' wife?

Why should not I? I do not have girlfriend and I am single. YES.

TRUE. They are also jealous now. I look around and see no female there. Poor fellows, I feel lucky.

4. You said you are suffering from piles but you also say it is a perianal abscess. Is it the first or the second?

He is true. First I thought it is piles but later as perianal abscess. For the first time I see a smile in his face. With fangs the smile is distorted, he looks comical now. When I hear a faint titter of laughter from audience I understand my Moderator had got one before. He shifts his sit as if he has one now.

It is perianal abscess and I am going to hospital tomorrow. I do not know how to show my bum if it is a lady doctor and I am thinking to take photo of it to show her��.

A monkey rings the bell cutting my sentence.I must say only YES or NO.

Feel like kicking that imp. Piles, I say. It is a slip of tongue. I apologize to change my answer as perianal abscess. He does not listen. I see a wrath of him. The monkey rings the bell; it means I cannot change my answer.

FALSE. I am doomed.

Denakchung stands up and walks to the crowd. He comes back after sometime and tells me I get a last chance. What? Do they break the rules too? I must be careful now. I pray, very hard.

5. Final question:

Why do you write in blog-sites?

Do they have internet here too? Anyway, I write because I do not have a job until last January. I write because it is my passion. I write because, well before I say anything I have to think fast. And I think fast, very fast.

I clear my voice, held head high and say: I write to bring joy to the people.

He stands up and walks to the crowd again.

When he finally takes the seat, a loud sound announces: TRUE

A roar of laughter followed. A monkey rings the bell and Denakchung hugs me and the crowd goes wild.

I am relieved at last and sent back to my deep sleep.

In the morning I thought, now that I have many readers I should write more. But now that I have a job I may not get time to write. I had to contemplate a lot unable to reach the final decision. Perhaps I shall wait for another similar dream.



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