Driver's Feelings

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I live in a small flat and I own a small 14 inch TV set, a color one ofcourse. I have a wife who is a class 10 passed and jobless, I am a class 12 PCNA, a driver in government office. From the official point of view we are of equal qualification and this seems to get into her brain when she sits with TV whole day becoming a couch potato. She is my boss for just one reason; for cooking me a breakfast. I can’t reach for lunch and dinner is left to me. If I ever I need a hand in preparation of dinner I shout from the kitchen but I can imagine her already bulging eyes bulged out straining towards kitchen from her favorite soap. I do shout to annoy and irritate her for eating and living from me. I sometimes feel like throwing the TV and break it to pieces but I remember how I saved my few months’ wage and acclaimed it as my only asset. My panasonic TV may be 3 years old but it is senior to her.

After dinner, ofcourse I served her and she had it with her eyes glued to the screen, I was little disturbed when I heard the news of RCSC declaring the CSCE results. I remembered how pitiful I went to see my marks from class 12. Thimphu was so big for me. I did not have money and I did not have relatives to stay like many of my friends. I was with few thousands given by my parents at village and I lodged in one of the cheapest hotels. I survived with Thukpa near Luger Theatre and slept in a room stinking no lesser than a public toilet. I remembered how difficult it was even to walk to offices. Driving one's own car was a dream not to be even dreamed of.

However, as I chewed my food with these thoughts I felt a spasm of pain running in my body and I felt goose bumps to imagine someone might be roaming in the streets of Thimphu like I did few years back.

My wife is a fan of C.I.D. in Sony channel and I wonder how many hours it comes in a day. I always have to watch this with her and many times I wished I was little rich to afford another TV set for myself. I was bored to death to see 4 regular actors cracking down any criminals working in C.I.D.

Being little pragmatic the real C.I.D. office may have more than hundred officers and with our many young graduates going umemployed some would be easily absorbed in it. It was a crazy and dotty thought from me and I could not frame them systematically. There was a mixture of love and sympathy to those who did not get required percentage and there was also a passion to posses authority and give anyone the jobs they desire. I simply wished I was the god of employement generation.

I did not see the relation of my thoughts but then that was a thought from a driver. What more I can think beyond this anyways?


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