My Humble Aspiration

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have registered to sit for class XII exams. I think I can make it this time. I am never the studious student but with age I have become wiser though not necessarily intelligent. I will pursue further studies because I am fed up listening to what officers prattle about their college days. They are officers now but I cannot think they were obedient students. They talk only of affairs and how they bullied their junior students. They were hungry of food and I have heard enough of how they made friends with college cooks. They talk of soccer games and how they hit the legs of opponent players. I might have scored less in subjects but I could juggle the ball and I wore the number of Pele's jersey. I never hit the legs but only the ball and I secured the net in any angle an ace footballer dreams. Yet I stay silent listening to their craps. I can only pray they form the team and I put up front.

When I get through the exams I will study and try to learn as much as my age has the capacity of limits. When I finally wear the graduation cap and gown I will make sure I have 500 paged book authored by me. It will not be difficult since I am already few chapters into it. I will play football, basket ball, ping pong, chess and scrabble a lot. I will affirm myself not to look at the girls, not even Asian lasses. I will not befriend with college cooks for extra rice. Instead I will write mails and call to my wife and make sure she does not share my bed to another man. If she ever breaks the rule, she will not be a wife of a new officer then. I will file the case in the court of law; acquire all my assets of sofa set, TV set, crockery set, old radio and even her mobile phone. I may even think of pursuing Master degree just to go along with the Asian lasses. Then I may think to befriend with the college cooks too.

I hear my officers talk of the Bangkok night life. I have not been to Bangkok but I can talk of Brokpa night which they are not keen to hear from a person like me. When I join their cadre with their caliber of education I will talk of our culture from night hunting to walking along the mule tracks. I can even share my reminiscences and beauty of Merak girls if I hear anyone boasting the brothels of Bangkok and Amsterdam.

Until then let me get the syllabus for my upcoming exams.


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