My Name Is Long

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It is remarkable to pass primary school without getting names. I am not an extraordinary person and I also have a name. As I cogitated deeply on the sobriquet of my name I feel alright to compare with those nicks my friends have. One is called as Vegetable Man for not including meat on his menu at home. He is not vegan but he takes whatever he is served away from his house. His friends never mind preparing delicious pork curry for him which he gladly eats with trait of witticism. Later when he started to bring his son along with him, the son was called as Small Vegetable Man, popularly called as Small, Zemu in Sharchop.
Then comes Koth Katang, Big Brother dubbed for his sturdy physique. A woman friend is called as Thumu under Lilliput category for being short. College dude got his name as Bucket for carrying bucket to bathroom every morning. It was said he bathed because he was a daily practitioner of onanism, a self withdrawal technique. The friends still tease him when they come around colorful buckets in the shops; he calls them sexy buckets.
I am called as Ringmu which means I am long. I have no idea why people call me by this nick. My intimate friends told me it was due to the longanimity nature of me. I checked the month I was born and it was on Dhaw Zhipa, a month of forebearance. That was soothing to hear but other friends have different story to tell. They tell me everything in me is long. I agree on few things; I have a long neck and long legs. But from the way they call my name it shows I am long in everything which ill-defines the nick. The cognomen name of Ringmu startled me to be heard around my family but I have come a long way. Now I am adapted to it and for whatever reason it means I keep my ears open every time I hear my moniker name. Therefore, I am Ringmu or my name is Long, both mean me.


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