Yes Boss

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I thought I was born with a free will to do anything in my life. But anything in the life is not free at my disposal. Free will is not free when it comes to work. The entire working system depends on disposition of the boss. He walks in with a lofty proud gait, swinging his arms and dominating everyone on his way. He is a swagger bully trying to impress everyone under him. Virus; I call him from 3 Idiots. I feel like giving him free advices although I know he will not accept them. But free advice is what I usually get when he calls me into his chamber. I perform marginal and I am the scapegoat. I excel and still I am the scapegoat. Sometimes I want to perform demo for the free advice I have in my mind. But it is not a film and I am not Amir Khan.

Whatever within my capacity I try my best. And he wants the best beyond the capacity of what I have. Instantly what an idea sirji? comes to my mind but again I am not Abhishek Bachaan for that matter. I may not be recognized for whatever I do but for the works I have done without being complacent needs some appreciation. I am a human being and not a machine. Even machine needs to be propelled for the efficient delivery and I do not expect more than a smiling face and some comforting words.

Sullen face sits in the long chair not showing a hint I stand there. He is silent when I greet him. The cheap suspense to instill fear to the subordinates through silence and assuming busy with pretentious grumpy lines is seen hidden behind the fat face. His suspense is no more a suspense and he is mocking himself for doing it so. Standing there for so long especially when I have a stomach ache is a nuisance. I have to rely on my muscles, cramp the tummy and stop breathing intermittently. In this situation I must tactfully avoid his eyes or I will fall prey to my muscles and break the wind. Actually I will love to break wind in his chamber with the loudest sound and venomously offensive smell but then I am not Silencer and I do not have a friend to say I did not do it, Raju.

Fat face Virus raises his head and starts his lecture on integrity. The discourse on the topic is well versed. It comes as a reminder to me and I start to admire him for once in my life. The expressive speech has forgotten my troubled tummy when he ultimately sends me out. Few minutes later he calls me into his chamber and lets me photocopy a book for his kids.

I have seen enough of him and his integrity. People will make me scapegoat, people will shout, people will squeak but I have decided to play my game; becoming monkey for a peanut I get.


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