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Sunday, April 11, 2010

While we fall in love we do not fib the chronicles of great love stories. We believe the truth on playwright of William Shakespear's Rome & Juliet and not forgetting our own legends of Gasa Lamai Singye and Chang Galem.

Once upon a time I fell in love with a girl while she danced on the stage to the rhythm of a popular number hits. She captured my heart and started to visit my dreams. Few months later the plot of my house captain paired me with her and on next Saturday night it was us dancing on the stage. I wrote many poems to her setting most of the background on nature and moon was one star that never eluded my thoughts. The beauty of moon had manifold of reasons. It had its own creation and whatever I thought it simply depicted in its images. Surprisingly I was not acknowledged on my poems until I changed the set to write on sun.

Dear Sun, (I wrote)

In my early teens I was always skeptical of a feminine gender. Having brought up among many sons I never understood what a girl meant in the world. Whenever I passed the group of girls I always walked nervous and never dared to look at them. To me their faces glowed like a sun and I was a mere boy unable to see how they looked. Among my friends the talk always revolved around the girls and when they asked my opinion I was a dullard to utter one word on girls. When they see me blushed they foreboded I would never have a girl friend in my life. And an innocent me believed what they said until you came to my radar of love.

I have a heart the size of my fist which if unfolds will reach the sun and make a cosmic round and yet still attempt for another round. You wake me up when the rays of sun touches the world. You are a reminder of my unsullied growing love that takes me to the Garden of Eve. When you take me the universal ride I become an eminent and wish to make you my domicile all through my life. With you I have not seen the dark and escaped the famous Highway Man riding to his black-eyed Bess. With you I have not seen the feeble lovers wickedly running away from their homes. You have shown me the crystal path and taught me the truth beauty of love. My love, I may not have understood the girls but I sure understand the grandness of your presence in my life.

You are my sun who will never set and you are my sun who will never see the shroud of benighted dark.

When the sun peeks from mountains it is you who have come to comprehend me the meaning of love. With your rays I become your Romeo, a knight and an ardent lover.



Interestingly I got a reply from her and she promised to be my sun. Her name was Nima, the centre sun of whole universe and I deriving the warmth of its beautiful glow.


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