Bolero or Hilux

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do I burden my officers? No. I get DSA and I buy my own food. I share a room with them but I prefer sliding in my old sleeping bag and sleep in my office. My office varies from Bolero to Hilux to Prado. Bolero is a muscular vehicle to drive and it tests my muscle power. I like its roaring sound and some say it has the tractor's engine. I don't know the specification of tractor so I have no comment on their comparisons. I just wish it comes with a heater in winter. Once I drove to Haa from Paro Chelela and its metallic body was deriving all my body heat like an old air-conditioner. But thanks to its hard steering wheel, I could feel the heat generated from both my arms (biceps and triceps).

This time when they nominated me for the south eastern tour, I only prayed it was not Bolero. Howsoever I heat its engine in the morning it still remains cold like a refrigerator. And people sitting inside become no warmer than the cold refreshing beer.

I am a weird person sometimes. I don't care much on dress up while driving Bolero. I become a peculiar character in this vehicle. But I have to pay a price with it. When I become weird others act weird too. They have double roles to play while dealing with me. Some even go to the extent of rebuking me assigning me as no greater than a driver of Bolero. Had my Bolero not fitted with government number plate they might even suspect me as meat vendor smuggling tobacco stuffs from bordering towns. But deep within this profession is a human being which is nothing different from them. I adjourn that life is not made of what people trade and feel like announcing the world the verdict of everyone is human being in this world. But who has the mind to cogitate on it and if ever I explain this I will be rebuked once again. I have understood so much of me that whenever I get undeserving chides I see him as a grouch, a stupid person ever lived at a time with me. I know I don't have horns in my head and I don't mind telling me I have one because I know I don't have one. It all comes from looking within inwardly and a small contribution to Gross National Happiness from my side.

Hilux is a durable S.U.V. vehicle and driving it is a wonderful experience. Its smooth steering wheel and cozy interior is what I savor most. When I travel with few tons of loads I become a king of the road. The condition of the road either badly designed or badly damaged, its spare 4runner drive has never failed me so far.

Inside this S.U.V. one will see a raw and gentleman behind the wheels. With a cushy smile and RayBan shade, no traffic policeman ever demanded the authentications. Wear this same smile and same shade in Bolero I will be frisked by every policeman in town.

It was a cherishing journey till Gelephu in Hilux. But sadly I have forgotten my shade. Even without it I managed to perform my duty as safe as any will wish for. Rich oxygen and warm weather welcome us in Sarpang and there were already the excitement moods shown in the car.

Another round of the latest hits of Bhutanese songs I reinforced their moods and reached the small commercial hub of Gelephu town.


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