A Witness

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everyone falls in love. Falling in love is heavenly. It was heaven when I fell in love. Looking at her was a treat. Thinking of her made my life felicitous and dreaming of her was marvellous.

I was seventeen and she was sixteen. I thought I saw her first. She claimed she saw me first. Wonderful words that made me love her more. Whoever saw first was not an issue but promised to remain first in each other's hearts.

Disparity of social norms became tussle in our lives. She left with her parents to another town. Since then she was vividly alive in my mind and heart. It was adorable but lonesome too. We managed the distance through flow of letters and frequent telephone calls. Full moon was our witness.

Sitting in the green grass, breeze brushing my face, I would gaze at the moon. Somewhere many stakes of mountains away she would do the same and moon became our haven of dating place. When there was gush of wind wiping my face it was no other than her touching me. I passed the message on the wind and when it carried it to her it was me touching her hands. When thin cumulus cloud passed below the moon it was a message she felt my touch.

A decade passed.

Life had its own agendas; an agenda to pursue further studies, an agenda to shift places, search jobs, and all the worldly chores. Once sitting with my wife I tried looking at the moon searching my first love. Abruptly wind went still as black dapple cloud shrouded the silver moon. My wait had come to the end as much as her wait ended the same.

I strolled out on full moon nights and looked at it. When sudden gush of wind hit my face I knew it was my sweet sixteen keeping our promise, a promise to remain first in our hearts. She was my first and she would remain first till I choose a place near our dating place, the moon.


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