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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Literacy is certainly important in anyone's life. When I am given a cozy room sharing the office dispatch, I proclaimed myself a literate person. It attributes the power of mid level learning, and I feel like a knight to see my fellow drivers sitting below me surrounding an old Bajaj heater. Below me because I sit in a rotating chair and I hold the key of brand new Prado.

Well, driving Prado and ferrying executive officer puts me in challenge. I don't carry his kabney and patang and I have never folded his kabney. One cannot reason out me as a man of less conviction. As much as I want to attend them with respect for his red colored kabney and silver sword, I sincerely feel a violation of sacredness offered by our King to touch by a person of low morale and virtue.

Another challenge I feel is about coping up with my attire. It becomes my moral duty to come shining, well dressed, and stand strong beside him when military personals honor with salute. It has become a habit for me to enjoy those salutes and without his knowledge I steal some for me but it comes as self-reproach right after it and I deserve front rolls from the owner of the saluting personals.

I always wish my Maggie is better than better than nothing wife. Every wife of my colleagues has a weaving loom and every wife is not like mine. She is a truly couch potato and when I took her to dantak canteen she could not utter a word in hindi. She seems to have a language conversion machine in her head while seeing the Indian soaps, perhaps hidden in her curly hair. She got angry on this and I became cook for 2 days. Anyway, I have stopped dreaming of getting new clothes from her. I have one bura gho gifted by my father and I wear it on very important occasions.

It was last month when I had to wear it. I stood tall and elegant and I drove my boss to the ceremonial ground. There were courteous salutes in the gates but some behaved nervousness taking both of us as Dashos. May be that was the reason I never get new cloths and I assume my wife is sent to me for this reason.

I am given a computer which was lying in office store for many years. My ICT sir took his time and got me connected to the internet world.

I tried to write something which I was doing in all my school days. My earlier certificates prove that I passed only in English and remaining subjects were tagged with red underlined ink.

I believe that all masterly qualified may not write and not all like me would not attempt either.

Thank you for bearing with my inert passion.


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