I Did Not Know She Was Mine

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"What if you do not like me?" the message showed.

"I will give you a chocolate" I typed.

"And what if you like me?" she wrote back.

"I will give you a chewing gum" I replied.

At last we decided to meet after a month long chat. I shaved, bathed, perfumed, put on the denims, black jacket, boots and started towards the rendezvous. I kept few chewing gums in my jacket and was ready to offer her despite anything. Being without a girlfriend for all the juvenile age I desperately needed one. The thought all girls are pretty had become the psychological cognition to me and there was no reason I should offer her the chocolate.

It was dusk when she finally arrived at the park. As she approached towards me I was nervous. My hands started to shake, mouth went dry and heart skipped the beat. "Hi" she waved her hand. I did not think she would be that beautiful and for once I thought she resembled Alicia Silverstone. She wore a fanciful dress and with the shoulder length hairs I was dumbstruck to have her as my date. "Hi" I shook her gloved hand. And next few seconds became the memorable moment of my life. I could not say anything to her and she was looking at me with her blank face. It must have been the longest wait for her but neither did she say anything. The wait was finally over when she took my hand, slipped the chocolate and left without a proper bye.

When she was out of my sight I felt neighing skittishly like a horse. I got back to my car and drove back to my home. I stopped by a shop, bought the cigarette, and puffed heavily sitting on a culvert when a girl with a cell phone in her hand walked towards me. The street light at the far end was difficult to make the face except her vague figure and shape. She was looking frequently at her cell phone and I understood she was expecting someone at my place. She walked straight towards me perhaps mistaking me as her someone. When she was almost near me I stood up with a gesture I expected someone too.

"Namgyal?" she asked me.

"Rabgyal" I said. She wanted to apologize but I was surprised myself when I said, "Can I be your Namgyal?" She laughed joyfully and wanted to know whom I was waiting for. The character changed in me, I came to self. I felt the breeze touching us. The light from passing by vehicle revealed her face and I saw an angel talking to me. I was easily narrating my recent story at park and when I finished she was laughing a happy laugh. I joined her laughter and next I asked her hand. I took her bare warm hand and slipped chewing gum in it.

Another laugh and she gave back my gum. The thought of second rejection in series almost killed me when she said, "This is same to you".

Finally I had a date with more than Alicia Silverstone girl and I did not know she was mine.


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