Last Night My Wife Was With Him

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I knew where she went last night. It had not happened before where she left me alone in my attic oasis. For last one year we remained a married couple as if born from love match. I saw how other couples whose marriages grew from high school lovers went into natural drama of disputation. I tried my best to keep her happy and when she told me she was happy the responsibility to protect her was drawn on me. We did not plan for a kid but I felt I was already protecting them.

When we declared we were married I had one important thing to talk to her. I told her I would not want to hear her previous affairs or her ex-boyfriends. And I promised her that I would not tell her any of my previous affairs or on my ex-girlfriends. I told her that we were made to move forward and the chapters in our lives until we met each other should be sealed forever never to be opened again. She looked happy about this decision and from thereon we kept moving until few weeks back.

Her cell phone started beeping more. She never picked up in front of me. She would go out and talk for few minutes. When she came back there would be an odd mix of expression on her face; a tight face smiling within and controlling the muscles outside to hide from me. I never asked her calls and in fact I never touch her phone. This must have been a boosting factor for her to receive the calls at any time.

When her phone beeped at wee hour it disturbed my sleep. She picked up the phone and it pained me to listen to their conversation. I was lying just besides her, pretending to be in deep sleep and overhearing every word of them. When she kept the phone, I could not control my tears and for once in my life, I felt helpless and started to hate myself.

I had many fragments of thoughts to make a piece. I did not know where to begin from. Her facial expression right after his calls and the conversation at the wee hour slowly formed a picture. I heard he was in Thimphu. She went to him last night. This thought almost killed me.

He should have come to my place. She should have told me before. Why did she hide all these from me? Was it because I was not recovered from a recent loss of my mother? I did not have a fat bank balance but surely would have borrowed some.

He was her first cousin who was attending his father crippled from liver cirrhosis in India.

I thought my wife was one passionless person ever lived in this world until I knew the truth just finished narrating now.


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